February 08, 2014

Whats In My Bag

This is an updated version of whats in my bag, I did one when I first started blogging but used a black background. What was I thinking? So I wanted to update you with what I carry around most days. This bag is a new one so I don't have as much in it as usual. I'm trying to keep it as neat as possible with everything in its place. I got this Fiorelli bag for Christmas from Rob, I adore it. I am a huge lover of bags and would love a Chanel one, that would be a dream come true.

To start of with I always carry around my mobile to keep up to date with my Twitter, emails and everything else. I also always have my camera with me in case I want to blog about something or just want to capture a moment. I sometimes have my Ipad with me but this depends on what I'm doing that day. If I travel to London I would defiantly have it with me.
I always carry my car keys with me with my cute Joules key ring on it. I got the key ring from work as a treat for my new car purchase.  

I always have a pair of earphones in my bag, I take them to the gym with me or use them on the train. I also always make sure I have a brush and make up bag with me. I don't tend to re apply my make up during the day but I might touch up my lipstick or change the colour of it depending on what I'm doing. I always carry around two lipsticks with me, I always have a red and a light pink. I am loving the Kate Moss lipsticks and have a few of them in my make up bag. I also carry around with me two Rimmel apocalips shades. I also have the Eos lip balms and Vaseline, I have no idea why I have so many lip products but I do. I have been on the hunt for a perfect new purse, I have had my River Island one for nearly 3 years and would love to find a new one soon. I will continue this blog post on with whats in my make up bag and whats in my purse when I get a new one.

I will be doing a post on my find in TkMax but today I went there and found some perfect sunglasses. As it is getting closer to Spring/ Summer I thought I may as well buy these when I saw them. More on a post tomorrow!

I also love to carry around with me my recent magazine, I read it during my break at work or on the train. 





  1. I'm not the biggest fan of the Apocaplips I own, but or some strange reason it always stays in my bag! :P
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