March 30, 2014

Paul Penders Aloe & Lavender Moisturizer

I am totally in love with this moisturizer due to the beautiful smell. I think that it smells incredible and the quality. I am always on the hunt for a face cream that works wonders on dry skin, I find that a lot of products dry my skin out and it feels great to find a few that work wonders on me.  I find the lightness of this cream is what works the best for me, its a day cream that you put on before you add your make up. I hate creams that take forever to dry and you have to wait ages to apply foundation, this one drys within seconds. Leaving the skin feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead. This product defiantly feels like a pamper product, it makes the skin look amazing all day long. It has spf so that will also protect your skin on a daily basis, much needed now the weathers getting better. overall such a lovely product, While you are checking out Paul Penders, take a look at Baobella. They have products that you love discounted. You will find many products to suit you and find many new ones.


March 26, 2014

Sometimes I get called (Dr) Miss Dolittle...

Digby / Ollie / Bella / Jessica / Nevada / Max

I thought I would share with you my little babies, every week I make sure that they have everything they need. Clean cages, toys, treats, food and cuddles. I spend a fortune on new things for all my animals but its one of the things that make me happy. Seeing that they have a nice clean cage and new food makes me smile. I do have a few animals but I love them so much, 2 of my babies I adopted. If you follow me on Instagram you may know I have a border collie, shes called Isabella. She is my pride and joy, everyday she makes me extremely happy and I cannot ask for a better pooch. She loves her tennis balls, Biscuits, the park, the car, her teddies, walks, cuddles, duvets and taking over the bed at night. Shes now 3 and a right cheeky monkey but I would not change a thing about her. Her mommy is Jessica and her sister Nevada, they are my moms dogs along with the recent family member max. ( last image) He is crazy, so much energy for one puppy its unreal but he is the cutest thing ever and when I visit I just hug him so tight. 

Digby is my ball of fluff, he is the quietest hamster ever. I honestly thought he would run marathons during the night but he hardly ever makes a noise. I know he goes on his wheel but its not load at all. He loves his treats but most of all he loves to make sure his cage is clean. I leave treats around his cage to find but he picks them up and places them in his food bowl, honestly so cute. I recently purchased more treats for him from Pets at home and new bedding. I got him some pink bedding, hope he doesn't mind that. I named him after Lucy watsons dog but when I adopted him from Pets at home, on the way home he dug himself out his travel box and escaped. So I find that Digby suits him more than any other name would have, he is so cheeky. He loves to sit in my dressing gown pocket or cuddle me lying in my scarf, the softest hamster I have ever had.

Ollie is my budgie, my mom let me buy him just after graduation due to me loving birds. I have wanted to purchase another budgie for so long now. I used to have 2 but my female budgie got sick, she was called Willow. I love how cheeky Ollie can be, he hides from me in his cage. We recently trained him to sit on our finger, which has made him extremely tame because before we trained him he was a right lad, he would scream the house down when you went near the cage with your hand. Now that he is trained he is the softest little guy ever, I let him fly around my room and he lets himself back into his cage after. I also have a rabbit whos called Alfie, hes black and white. I love him to bits. He was my Christmas gift and we adopted him a year ago on Christmas eve. Hes super cheeky and nips me whenever hes out the cage but hes so cuddly and friendly. 

I love my animals so much and it makes me smile when I know I'm doing everything I can for them. This is something I do every week, I make sure they have clean cages and have plenty cuddles. Going into Pets at home to buy them new treats is just the best!


March 25, 2014

5 Ways To Improve Your Skin!

 For a lot of people, skin can be a real problem. Even when you’re beyond your teenage years, the occasional break out of spots can happen! So what is the secret formula to keeping your skin healthy? Read on to find five top skin care tips!

Learn What Type Of Skin You Have

The first step to achieving perfect, sexy skin is to understand what type of skin you have. There are three main types of skin, and it’s even possible to have a combination of different types. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main types:

Oily Skin - The main cause of oily skin is too much sebum, an oily, waxy substance produced by microscopic glands called sebaceous glands in the skin. This can cause a greasy appearance, but can be cured with a facial cleanser for oily skin. Loose powder, blotting paper and clay masks also work wonders!

Dry Skin - The polar opposite to oily skin, dry skin needs to be moisturised frequently. Dry skin is caused by a lack of sebum, resulting in cracking or chapping of skin rather than spot breakouts.

Normal Skin - Normal skin is balanced, meaning you’re less likely to get spots or chapped skin. That’s not to say cleansing or moisturiser isn't necessary! You’ll still need to keep your skin clear and healthy by taking off your make-up.

A Combination - While there are three main types of skin, the truth is that most people have a combination of different skin types. This might mean you have oily skin on your face but dry skin elsewhere. Try to identify what areas are dry and what are oily, then balance them out with moisturiser for dry areas and clay masks for oily areas.

Wear Less Makeup

Ever wondered why men generally have less wrinkled skin as they age compared to women as they age? It’s generally because men don’t wear makeup, while shaving acts as an exfoliating effect.

Models are also known to have good skin. This is because outside of photo shoots, modellingagencies encourage models to avoid wearing make up, helping them to keep a clear complexion.

Yes, it’s very tempting to wear lots of makeup if you have blemishes, but in actual fact it’s much better to let your pores breathe, which also helps to clear up spots. It’s a great idea to go one day each week completely makeup free.

Eat The Right Foods

Eating well is a very important part of keeping your skin clear and healthy. While it’s tempting to buy lots of expensive face creams because they include lots of vitamins and minerals, many of these are already available in the food you eat. Not only will a healthy diet keep you slim, it’ll also keep your skin in check.

The first thing is to make sure you eat plenty of different fruit and vegetables each day. While achieving five-a-day sounds hard, but it can be easily achieved by including fruit in your breakfast, snacking on fruit during the day and at lunch, and including a couple of portions of vegetables in your evening meal.

The next thing is to stay hydrated. Water really is great for skin, helping to cleanse toxins and helps to keep dry skin moisturised.

Finally, aim to include Zinc in your diet, which is a great antioxidant. Chances are if you eat breakfast, you may already be getting your allowance of zinc depending on your choice of cereals, but this can also be topped up with zinc supplements from high street health shops.

Wash Your Face Religiously

Washing your face thoroughly is a great way to keep your skin healthy and clear. First of all, make sure to take off your makeup before you go to bed. Makeup blocks your pores, so while you're sleeping is the best time to give your pores a break and let them breathe.

Then, aim to exfoliate twice a week, which helps to fight blackheads. Don’t be tempted to exfoliate more than this though! That’s because too much exfoliation actually can harm your skin, removing natural oils and making your skin sensitive.

Finally, be sure you know what type of skin you have, and buy cleansers to match. If you have a combination of skin types, be sure to purchase different products to match the right areas.

Avoid Touching Your Skin Too Often

Finally, avoid touching your skin too often, especially on the face. Everyday, your hands are in contact with lots of germs, so touching your face often can actually spread germs to your skin! It’s a good idea to keep a hand sanitiser on you so you can regularly wash your hands and avoid germs reaching your face.

Wrapping Up
All in all, ensuring you know what type of skin you have is essential to be sure you’re buying the right skin care products. Aside from those products, keep a good habit of removing your makeup nightly, going one day a week without wearing makeup, and be sure to keep your diet healthy!

Guest Posted by:

Tom Kingham is a blogger with a passion for fashion, skin care, health and fitness.

I don't usually allow guest posts on my blog unless I truly believe they fit in with my content, this post I found interesting though and I am always on the hunt for some good skin care tips. Hope it helped you in some way to find out more about your skin type and how to improve it. Let me know below your thoughts?



March 24, 2014

Liz earle - Cleanse and Polish!

I am making a huge effort to properly look after my skin, I used to just use a face wipe to take off my make up at night! I know, I feel disgusted at myself too. I found that my skin felt more healthy, less dry, not as many spots and blemishes. Overall look of my skin felt good and had a great soft surface to work with to add make up. There is nothing worse for me now than going to bed without cleansing my skin. This product from day one, has made my skin feel amazing and fresh. I love that you use a Muslin cloth to cleanse the skin, it acts as a little miracle for my dry skin. It helps to remove all the dirt, dead skin cells from your skin, which leaves your face feeling extra clean. One thing that I love, it helps to remove all my mascara. I hate waking up in the morning with a face full of panda eye! My skin feels and looks healthier, its easy to keep my skin moisturised and feeling great with a clean base to work with. After a long day, the best feeling is to take all my make up off and relax in my pjs. This product helps me to achieve this, its gentle on my skin which is a bonus and it doesn't sting my eyes when removing stubborn mascara. I wear a lot of eye make up, from eye shadow to cat flicks so I have to make sure my skin is fully cleansed at night. It feels great to wake up with such fresh skin, I will never go back to just using make up wipes, ever. I prefer using this product that is full of natural ingredients than purchasing packets of face wipes again and again. I want my skin to look good when I am older, so hopefully by looking after it now will make a big difference. This has to be one of my all time favourite products that I have tried and most likely will purchase this once this has finished. The redness on my skin has started to calm down and scars from teenage spots seem to look less visible since using this product, overall a winner in my eyes.

Have you tried this product?



March 23, 2014

Gifts & Pieces Wish List!

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six 

I found this cute shop via Twitter, I instantly noticed the cute letter tea cup that was tweeted. I honestly love it, I think its the cutest little cup ever. I would use it for decoration in my new room rather than a cup because I hardly ever drink I hot drink, unless its hot chocolate. I love the gold detail, I think that's the main thing that drew me to it. All of the things I want would make such a great gift, thinking maybe Mothers day too. I really like the idea of the Ipad etc wood stand, I would love to have that on my desk to keep all my gadgets safe and blogging books maybe. Mine and Robs Ipad would sit very nicely in that in our new room to keep them safe. 

I have so many rings and bits and bobs I want to keep safe so I may have to purchase that cute trinket box. I love the colour of it because then Rob won't mind having it in our room. I love that it has a clear lid so that you can see all your little trinkets. All the little compartments make me really happy, I love organisation. I really want to make an effort to buy fresh flowers this Summer for our shared home with Robs sister, I love how fresh they make everything smell and they look so pretty. I would love to have them in the cute French glass bottles, that would look so cool. I love candles and everything to do with candles, now that we will have some space we can finally purchase some. I love this cute miniature house lantern. 

I could buy everything from this cute online shop!
What would you buy?


March 22, 2014

Vogue Candy Ipad Mini Case!

I love to swap and change my Iphone and Ipad case more often than I probably should. I found this Ipad case on a blog review done by Carrie Brighton and thought that the colour combination worked wonders. I love anything that is a pastel colour and it worked perfectly with my Iphone case. Them both together make a good pair, I love that it matches. This Ipad case is one of my all time favourites I have purchased, I am pretty sure I won't be buying another one to quickly. I love the easy magnetic clip to keep the top closed. The overall quality of this case for the price is amazing. The most important part is that it keep my Ipad safe, I don't want to crack it or scratch it just yet, I only got it last Christmas. I used my Ipad everyday to read blogs, go on YouTube and keep up to date on Twitter. Thanks to this beautiful case, it makes it even more enjoyable to look at. My Iphone case I change all the time, I have so many that I could swap and change every few weeks. This is one of my favourites though due to it being super cute. I love the heart design around the camera and the cute details around the apple sign. Its simple but effective, I love the colour too.

If you fancy a new phone case, take a read of this blog post (LINK) and design your own for free with my discount code!


March 20, 2014

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer balm + matte Balm!

I recently received these beautiful products in the post and was extremely excited to try every single one of them. I have been wanting to purchase some since seeing Emma Stone wearing the shade Audacious on the advert, She is so beautiful and one of my favourite actresses, I wanted to try these out no matter what really. I am a huge fan of Revlon and know that usually their products are spot on. First impressions of these products, the packaging is gorgeous. I love that you don't need a sharpener to sharpen them, all you need to do is twist the bottom of them. I love the bright fun packaging, I have been looking for the perfect orange to wear this Summer, I defiantly think I have found more than one to use this Summer which is exciting. I'm so grateful to have all these colours, it makes me experiment with colours more. I didn't think a purple lip would suit me but I am loving the shade 115 Whimsical, the shine and texture of these products are spot on. They last a good few hours before you need to re apply and they feel moisturising on your lips. 

I think that you can use the lighter shades for an everyday lip product, they are easy to wear and apply. I love wearing a light pink lip to work or just out and about shopping, you can then take your look to the night and wear darker shades such as the shade 135 Provocateur. I love that there is a beautiful high shine to the lacquer set, its not over the top though which is great. I love all the colours, my favourites have to be 245 Audacious, 115 Whimsical and 110 coquette for the perfect pink shade.If you are going to buy one I would suggest buying one with an intense colour, I found 230 Complex more challenging due to not having a tan. wonderful products all in all and I am so happy I have this little collection, I am looking forward to trying out new looks over this Spring/ Summer time. 

Coquette 110
Vivacious 120
 Whimsical 115
Elusive 205
Showy 220
Striking 240

Which one would you wear?



March 19, 2014

My Top 10 Twitter Blog Chat Links! #1

I usually join in the blog chats over on Twitter each week and find that when I get sent blog links at the end I don't go through them all as much as I can due to so many blogs being sent. I thought up of a way to share my favourites and read all the links you send. I want to do a weekly post about all the new blogs I find during the chats. I hope that you will find some new blogs to read through this too. I love joining in the chats and find that so many of you are so kind and chatting to you on twitter makes my day. Follow me on Twitter if you fancy chatting or send me your blog link, I love to find new blogs to read. I am going to list all the blogs below that I love through the blog chats, thank you for sending me all your links. I have gone through all of them and followed many of you on Bloglovin or GF. 

My favourite Twitter chat links!

Beauty Babbles

Follow me on Bloglovin to keep up to date with my blog posts and maybe feature in this weekly blog post! click here to make me smile! I love to sit on my Ipad each week and go through my Bloglovin feed to keep up to date with my favourite bloggers or find new ones, I thinks its a great way to keep up to date with blogs you love.

Follow me on Twitter- @Kemples1

Would you like to see my weekly finds through the blog chats on Twitter?
Feel free to tweet me your blogs or just pop by to say hello!



March 18, 2014

Soap & Glory - No Clogs Allowed

Deep Pore Detox Mask

Lately I have been wanting to give my skin extra tlc, by doing so I have been drinking more water and making sure I remove all my make up before bed. I have really dry skin so it needs so much care to make sure I have smooth skin to apply my make up onto. There is nothing worse for me than my make up not going on properly because my skin feels dehydrated. I have been wanting to purchase the Soap & Glory no clogs allowed for a while now, what was stopping me was the price. I wanted to read up about the product before I ended up spending £11.50 on a face mask. I must be honest with Soap & Glory, I am never disappointed. They are spot on with their products and every single product I have purchased I am super pleased with. The good news is, I am still not disappointed...

This face mask you use once a week, you apply a grape size amount to your face, then you wet your hands. scrub until it turns blue and you can feel the heat. After five minutes wash it all off with a face cloth. I recommend putting this on just before you get into the bath, gives it longer to work and you can relax soaking up all the bubbles. I love that it gives off heat, you can actually feel it working. I love this product so much, once you wash it off your skin is instantly soft. From the first use which is pretty impressive. I'm not keen on the price but it feels like a luxury product due to it having that something different to it. I love that it gives off heat, after one use mys kin looks and feels so healthy. The scent of this product smells like sweats, soft minty sweets. 

Its not too thick of a mask but it doesn't need to be plastered on your skin to work, which means it will last longer. I have used so many skin care products to make my skin feel amazing, not many actually do what they say they will but this does which is a huge bonus. Its relaxing and makes your skin feel incredible. I find that my skin in general has cleared up and feels super clean, I go on to cleanse my skin after using this and then apply cream. It feels great to go to bed with such clean skin, I am a 100% impressed with this product and defiantly recommend it if you fancy a new face mask. 



March 17, 2014

The Start Of Spring- Lots Of Border Collies!

. I love Spring I think its the best time of the year, all the flowers come out and its the best time to go out and have long walks with my Bella and her friends. We took Bella, Jessica and Nevada on a walk to the local park, they loved it and I'm sure they would go out in any weather. Today was so nice though and i'm glad that we made a day of it, the fresh air always makes me feel better. Coming from living in South Africa for 15 years I honestly miss the hot weather and my pool, so I am so pleased to see the sun shining. This year we haven't done too bad though, its been a mild winter in which I don't mind at all. 

I love taking Bella out and making a huge effort to do it everyday even if its for a half hour walk, on my days off we go to the park or for a real long hour walk. I love to put my wellies on a just go for an adventure with Bella. In the pictures you will see many collies but the 4th image is my dog Isabella, the 3rd image is Bellas mommy and her sister Nevada was with us too.  I am looking forward to this Summer, taking Bella to the beach is one of my favourite things to do. i love seeing her have a really good run and get full of mud, my new car might not like it but for Bella its fine. I really need to get so many photographs printed of my pooch, I want to be able to keep them forever and I love  Bellas cheeky grin that she does when shes enjoying her walk, to see what I mean look at the 4th image...

I'm looking forward to more days in the sun like this!


March 16, 2014

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water £4.99

This product has been circling the blogging world and I have been wanting to try it out myself for a while now. I do think that its a perfect dupe to the famous Bioderma. I find that not being able to splurge on expensive products I have to find the next best thing but saying this I do tend to find some drug store products that I would be perfectly happy using instead. I find that this works perfect along side my skin care routine and its nice and gentle on my skin which is a must. I find that using strong products on my skin do no good for me, I have to be gentle with what I use. I hate going to bed with any make up on my skin, if I know there is some I cannot sleep without thinking that I will pay for leaving some foundation on my skin. So every night I use this after washing my face, I find using this after helps to remove any left behind. Its gentle enough to use on your eyes to remove heavy eye make up. I wear a cat flick 90% of the time so this is perfect to remove eye make up before I go and get it all over my towels. I sometimes wash my face and there may still be some mascara on my eye lashes and I get it on a white towel.. Yeah since using this, that has not happened. I love how gentle it is, Garnier claim that this will remove your make up like a magnet, yes this happens. I find that this product removes all signs of make up from my skin leaving it feeling fresh and dirt free. 

I have been trying to get my skin to look healthy and blemish free, by using this product this has made it easier for me to do so. I find that the product itself works well to remove all dirt, it doesnt squirt out all the product onto a cotton pad and the packaging itself looks good on your dresser or in your bathroom. I find that its a great dupe to the Bioderma and I would carry on using this product in my skin care. I am really pleased with it and love that it makes my skin feel 100% dirt free before bed. This has to be one of my favourite skin care products I have ever purchased, I love skin care and I love that this is an affordable product. 

have you used this product?



March 14, 2014

BooHoo Wish List

I am loving Boohoo at the moment, you can find your essentials and some beautiful floral patterns. I am loving wearing black at the moment which is probably not the best time to want to, it will soon be Spring. I love any jumper with a cute floral design on it, I love this cute daisy print one as it would look really cute with some light jeans this Spring. This jumper would even look cute with a skater shirt which would make a cute festival outfit. I am so tempted to buy this cute Suzie Strappy dress in every colour. they are perfect for a wardrobe essential, you can wear them with flip flops to the beach or dress them up with a leather jacket and plenty of jewelry. I'm on a very strict budget at the moment but maybe I will just buy the one dress, its a bargain at £8. I love any jumper with a slogan on it, so this New York jumper would look super cool with a pair of ripped jeans. I love that the bottom of the jeans have a cute american flag detail to them. I would love to update my wardrobe with all of these items, dam my bank balance will hate me if I pressed add to bag.....

Would you wear any of these items?


March 13, 2014

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter

This product is one of my all time favourites ever, that is a huge statement to make because I am really fussy when it comes to purchasing a product again. If I really love the product I won't hesitate in wanting it back into my routine without thinking what if I can find this but better. That is not the case when it comes to Soap & Glory products, each and every product I buy I can grantee I am never disappointed. The Righteous butter is one of those products I will not hesitate to buy when its run out, mind you it does take a while for this beauty to run out. That for me is a good thing because I just adore it. You defiantly get out of it what you pay for it. 

I love the smell of this product, it smells divine and you almost want to eat it. I won't I promise you but it smells amazing. Next time when you get chance smell this product and let me know, you will defiantly fall in love with it. I love the packaging when it comes to Soap & Glory, they have it all so perfect. If I could have all the products I would, I recently purchased the No Clogs Allowed face mask, that will be an upcoming blog post for you. I am so excited to try it out, I am pretty sure I will love it. 

I apply this after a shower/ bath and its guaranteed to make you feel 100% better, even after a really long day. I think that if you are wanting to buy something for your mom this Mothers day defiantly try buy a Soap & Glory products, I know I will. Every time I go into Boots with my mom I point it out telling her she needs to try this so I think its time I buy it for her. 

With a  softening shea butter and aloe vera formula this is perfect for dry skin. I love products that make my skin feel so soft and looked after. This defiantly does what it says and makes you feel amazing. The perfect pamper night product to use after a hot bath. what do you think of my new background for my products, using my favourite magazines as a backdrop with the beautiful Zoella on the cover of Company and Katy Perry on the cover of Marie Claire. 

Have you tried this product?


March 12, 2014

My Top 10 Drugstore Products!

I honestly have so many products that I love to have in my make up bag at all times. I love to have my favourite foundation in my make up bag in case I need one that I know would defiantly do the job and hide everything. I love my foundation looking good due to it being the base you work off with the rest of your make up. Does anyone else buy the one foundation you know will work even when you have so many more to choose from?

I thought I would share with you my top 10 drug store favourites and give you a heads up to what I think works the best out of all the drug store make up I have tried so far. I love to try out new products all the time and there are so many more products I would love to try, Being on a tight budget each month I can only buy certain products and sometimes get to buy products that I just want to try because, well I'm drawn to them in the shop.

My Top 10 Products.

  1. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
  2. Barry M Gelly Nails
  3. Mua blusher in the shade candy Floss
  4. Real Technique make up brushes
  5. Mua Heaven and Earth eye shadow Palette
  6. Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara
  7. Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks shades 101 and 107
  8. Rimmel Clear complexion setting powder
  9. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
  10. Collection lasting perfection concealer 
These products are just a handful of my all time favourite must have drug store products. I love going into Boots and having a good mooch, I love to find new products that I love and I also buy my all time favourites such as the ones listed in the 3 for 2 offer. Some of the products such as Mua you will find in SuperDrug but the rest you can find in Boots. Products such as my Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette by Mua I use everyday when I want to create a natural eye for work or a more smokey one. This make up palette only costs me £4 and its one of my all time favourites, the quality is just incredible. My go to foundations are by Rimmel which is the wake me up foundation and the Revlon Photo ready, I have found both never let me down. I apply all my make up with the wonderful real Technique brushes, without these I don't think my make up applying skills would even exist.

What are your favourite drugstore products?

March 11, 2014

Benefit- Look Good/ Feel better ( Brow Arch March )

For the month of March, Benefit and Debenhams have teamed up for Brow Arch March, until April you can get your eye brows perfected. There is a suggested minimum donation of £5 which goes to an amazing charity. The service usually costs £11.50 but your donation goes to the charity Look good/ Feel better. Feel free to donate the full amount to help them. There was a great march on Sunday which took place in London.

I was lucky enough to be sent this cute parcel from Benefit to get involved in the brow arch march fundraising to raise money for look good, feel better. which is a great charity in which benefit and Debenhams are working together to raise money for. You can get involved by getting your eyebrows perfected by Benefit. There is a suggested £5 donation or you could donate the full amount of £11.50 if you can. This is a great way to get people involved in raising money for this charity and I would have loved to get involved on the walk on Sunday. I wore my glasses and Instagramed me wearing them for my support. 

I am loving the book Raising Eyebrows, Cameron Tuttle teamed up with benefit to create this perfect guide on eyebrows. I feel as though keeping my eyebrows tamed is a chore but after reading all about them in this cute book I might feel a lot better about it. I am loving using the benefit gimme brow gel (review) and really think it will become something I can not live without in my make up routine. In this book it guides you through the pros and cons of waxing,threading and tweezing. Plus there is plenty of advice from Benefit themselves. I am so pleased to be able to own this book, it has made me realise it doesn't have to be such a chore, I am starting to see it as something that will finish off my make up perfectly. Read more about this book here. I look odd in this picture but it was the only one I took that didn't make me look silly times 100, the light was quit bright but it was for an amazing charity. I will be wearing my little tote bag to the gym and wearing my pink earphones in support, thank you Benefit!

Will you be getting involved?



March 10, 2014

Benefit - Gimme Brow!

I have never been a big fan of eyebrows, only recently have I been adding things to finish them off to make my make up look finished. I only use eye shadow to fill them in a little but since using this beautiful products, I honestly feel as though I have been missing out on the results they give. I feel that this product gives my eyebrows a perfect natural finished look rather than them looking like they have been drawn on which I am not a fan of. I would rather have eye brows like Cara Delevigne, they look natural and suit her face no matter what make up look she goes for. I love a no fuss eye brow product and this defiantly ticks that box for me, it is easy to apply and does what it says on the box. 

give me brow helps to make your eyebrows seem thicker but natural which is key for me when picking a product. I would never use a eye brow product that would look over the top, I love the natural fuller look. I don't need a lot of help to fill in my eye brows but I do love to give them a little bit of colour. I feel as though they look a lot more finished with this product. The application is easy and quick and you can choose from two shades, I went for the medium version but you can also get this in a light shade. I wore this today during a long dog walk, its a beautiful day as well and there was no signs of it budging. I love that the product goes on lightly due to feeling scared about adding a eye brow gel to my brows this is perfect to use. You can build it up to suit how dark you want them to go. It is also water proof which for England that is a must, you don't want your brows running down your face when you are walking in the rain or snow. 

For the month of March, Benefit and Debenhams have teamed up for Brow Arch March, until April you can get your eye brows perfected. There is a suggested minimum donation of £5 which goes to an amazing charity. The service usually costs £11.50 but your donation goes to the charity Look good/ Feel better. Feel free to donate the full amount to help them. There was a great march yesterday which took place in London. 

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