March 23, 2014

Gifts & Pieces Wish List!

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I found this cute shop via Twitter, I instantly noticed the cute letter tea cup that was tweeted. I honestly love it, I think its the cutest little cup ever. I would use it for decoration in my new room rather than a cup because I hardly ever drink I hot drink, unless its hot chocolate. I love the gold detail, I think that's the main thing that drew me to it. All of the things I want would make such a great gift, thinking maybe Mothers day too. I really like the idea of the Ipad etc wood stand, I would love to have that on my desk to keep all my gadgets safe and blogging books maybe. Mine and Robs Ipad would sit very nicely in that in our new room to keep them safe. 

I have so many rings and bits and bobs I want to keep safe so I may have to purchase that cute trinket box. I love the colour of it because then Rob won't mind having it in our room. I love that it has a clear lid so that you can see all your little trinkets. All the little compartments make me really happy, I love organisation. I really want to make an effort to buy fresh flowers this Summer for our shared home with Robs sister, I love how fresh they make everything smell and they look so pretty. I would love to have them in the cute French glass bottles, that would look so cool. I love candles and everything to do with candles, now that we will have some space we can finally purchase some. I love this cute miniature house lantern. 

I could buy everything from this cute online shop!
What would you buy?



  1. Love the miniature house lantern soo cute :) xx

  2. Love little knick knacks like this, the 'little things' box is the cutest!

  3. love the little things nick knack box!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  4. I absolutely LOVE this shop! The initial mugs are my favourite too x


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