March 03, 2014

Max Factor - Face Finity 3 in 1 Foundation

I popped into Boots just to get a new concealer but ended up buying a few things in the 3 for 2 offer, it gets me every time. I cannot go into Boots for just one thing, I end up buying more nail polishes or a new foundation, I am so pleased I decided to treat myself to a new foundation because I found this beautiful product. Max Factor 3 in 1 foundations, it includes a primer, concealer and foundation. Primer to hold, concealer to correct and foundation for the final touch. The coverage of this foundation is thicker than I'm used to, I usually buy Rimmel wake me up and Revlon photo ready for an everyday foundation. I wanted to treat myself to one that I could use for work or a special event. I wanted one that had a thicker more even coverage, this foundation ticked all the boxes. You only need to use a small amount to buff into your skin but the finish it leaves for the rest of your make up is flawless.Not one thing I could complain about with this foundation. This product does what it says on the bottle which makes me happy, it defiantly is a all day flawless finish. I might try the lightest shade in this foundation next time but this one isn't far off, I would just like to see if I can apply more to get it even.

I love that it is a 3 in 1 formula, the primer really does help to fix the foundation. I wear this for a 8 hour shift at work and it does not budge. Not a single make up speck out of place by the end of the day. I am really pleased with the coverage of this foundation, I certainly will want to keep this handy in my make up bag for events, birthdays and so on because it helps my skin look flawless. I loved using this foundation from the first application, I use a foundation brush to apply it because I find it gives it a smooth finish. I do wear more concealer after I have applied my eye make up but that's only because I really want to make sure I look awake. This foundation hides blemishes really well. I could not rave about this foundation any more than I have, its perfection. One piece of advice just be careful with matching it to your skin, make sure you use the testers in Boots to see if it matches because a little bit goes a long way with this foundation, I suspect if you over do the coverage you may look a little ott. Overall this product has really come up well, I love everything about it from the packaging to the formula. I think having a 3 in 1 foundations works wonders, I defiantly will be re purchasing this in the future. For a drug store foundation it feels like a real high end product, for the price you will feel great. It doesn't dry out my skin and the coverage feels smooth not thick on the skin.overall it blends well and for a foundation that isn't my usual go to product it works perfectly for me.
I used this in my Ellie Goulding inspired post below if you want to try recreate that look and let me know your thoughts on the look. 



  1. That foundation seems pretty good, however Maxfactor never seems to agree with my skin.


    1. when I was younger I couldn't use any foundations like this but it seems to work perfectly on my skin now :) xx

  2. I really need a new foundation but I have traumas as im so pale

  3. i agree with both comments posted about, but will be looking into this one! x

  4. I've never tried this foundation before, but your skin is GLOWING! Super pretty :)

    Smitten with Sunday

  5. Your skin is gorgeous! What a flawless base, I'll have to try this out! You look lovely!
    Carrie xx


  6. I can never just go in to Boots for one product their offers get me every time. This sounds like a great foundation. Max Factor is a brand I haven't tried too much from. It looks great on your skin

  7. Yes it looks pretty good on your skin - I need to try this now!


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