March 04, 2014

My top 10 Blogs On My BlogLovin

Nearly everyday I find myself flicking through BlogLovin on my Ipad, I seriously think it is such an easy way to keep up to date with your favourite bloggers. I love the new design too, I think its an easy way to stay connected due to reading so many new blogs each week. I have so many that I am loving but thought it would be nice to share a few that I am loving at the moment. I would like to do more of these posts each month to share the blog love. I love that you have all your favorites in one place, I tend to follow through google as well but having to focus on one app makes life easier. I love the little heart function to give a blog post some attention, as we all work so hard on our blogs so  its nice to show some love. 

so I am going to make a list of my top ten reads so far this year and a few of my all time favourites. I love finding some new blogs to read, I usually ask for blog links after a Twitter chat and I go through them all after. I tend to read more blogs everyday, I love to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and feel inspired by you all. I am going to list each blog name under and if you find a new one you love from this please let me know in the comments. 

My Top 10:

I have so many blog favourites but these are a handful of the ones I go to nearly everyday to read, they are a huge inspiration. Keep up to date with my blog and follow me on Bloglovin <3 

Do you have any favourites?



  1. Great list of lovely bloggers! Love Temporary Secretary!

  2. Lovely list - will be checking these out!

    Emma x

  3. This is a great list with a few that I didn't follow before, but now am. My daily blog reading includes

    happy reading, Tonie

    1. Thank you!
      I will have a look at all these blogs :) xx

  4. I always find myself doing the same thing and love reading/finding new blows through the Twitter chats :) Great list I really like Temporary Secretary and Gh0stparties :D xx

  5. Hi lovely! Oooh, i could just give you a big squeeeeze! <3 Just want to say thanks again for having me on the list, I am amongst great company! You've reminded me that I must start using bloglovin' properly. I get so overwhelmed when I log in and see that i've got looooads of posts to read. I normally just use GFC and read the new content that comes up on my blogger dashboard. I have followed you on bloglovin' now! ha, i seem to be stalkin' you all over social media at the moment! You don't happen to have tumblr too, do you? xxx

    1. I felt the same with bloglovin at first but its really grown on me, thank you for the follow on bloglovin lovely! just tweeted you my tumblr let me know what yours is too. <3 you deserve it, your blog is great! xxx

  6. Some of my favourite blogs to read. Temporary Secretary is beautiful & always fun to read.

  7. I follow quite a few of the blogs you've listed and especially love Hello October, Gh0st Parties and Lily Pebbles. I also love these blogs, they're definitely worth a read:

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  8. I already follow ghost parties and I covet thee, but thank you so much for the introduction of the rest of these amazing blogs. I have followed them all. ♥


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