March 12, 2014

My Top 10 Drugstore Products!

I honestly have so many products that I love to have in my make up bag at all times. I love to have my favourite foundation in my make up bag in case I need one that I know would defiantly do the job and hide everything. I love my foundation looking good due to it being the base you work off with the rest of your make up. Does anyone else buy the one foundation you know will work even when you have so many more to choose from?

I thought I would share with you my top 10 drug store favourites and give you a heads up to what I think works the best out of all the drug store make up I have tried so far. I love to try out new products all the time and there are so many more products I would love to try, Being on a tight budget each month I can only buy certain products and sometimes get to buy products that I just want to try because, well I'm drawn to them in the shop.

My Top 10 Products.

  1. Revlon Photo Ready Foundation
  2. Barry M Gelly Nails
  3. Mua blusher in the shade candy Floss
  4. Real Technique make up brushes
  5. Mua Heaven and Earth eye shadow Palette
  6. Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara
  7. Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks shades 101 and 107
  8. Rimmel Clear complexion setting powder
  9. Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation
  10. Collection lasting perfection concealer 
These products are just a handful of my all time favourite must have drug store products. I love going into Boots and having a good mooch, I love to find new products that I love and I also buy my all time favourites such as the ones listed in the 3 for 2 offer. Some of the products such as Mua you will find in SuperDrug but the rest you can find in Boots. Products such as my Heaven and Earth eye shadow palette by Mua I use everyday when I want to create a natural eye for work or a more smokey one. This make up palette only costs me £4 and its one of my all time favourites, the quality is just incredible. My go to foundations are by Rimmel which is the wake me up foundation and the Revlon Photo ready, I have found both never let me down. I apply all my make up with the wonderful real Technique brushes, without these I don't think my make up applying skills would even exist.

What are your favourite drugstore products?


  1. I've just got a brand new bottle of Revlon Photo Ready Foundation, but didn't open it yet
    I am looking forward to trying it

  2. Oooh i love make up products, I wish my budget could stretch a little bit though! If you are interested, I wrote a series on chemicals in make up. I don't want to self promote by spamming u by giving the link directly, let's say you can find it through my Previously on SSS tab on To answer your question, my favourite product is eye shadow in general but the necessary product and almost the only product i use is concealer, bouh the mummy me!

  3. I love all the rimmel wake me up products, so was glad to see the foundation there! x

  4. Oh, there is literally not a product on your list that I don't love!! Another good drugstore find (I think) is the sleek makeup, I've been loving their eyeshadows, blushes, and contour kit! Great post!!


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