March 19, 2014

My Top 10 Twitter Blog Chat Links! #1

I usually join in the blog chats over on Twitter each week and find that when I get sent blog links at the end I don't go through them all as much as I can due to so many blogs being sent. I thought up of a way to share my favourites and read all the links you send. I want to do a weekly post about all the new blogs I find during the chats. I hope that you will find some new blogs to read through this too. I love joining in the chats and find that so many of you are so kind and chatting to you on twitter makes my day. Follow me on Twitter if you fancy chatting or send me your blog link, I love to find new blogs to read. I am going to list all the blogs below that I love through the blog chats, thank you for sending me all your links. I have gone through all of them and followed many of you on Bloglovin or GF. 

My favourite Twitter chat links!

Beauty Babbles

Follow me on Bloglovin to keep up to date with my blog posts and maybe feature in this weekly blog post! click here to make me smile! I love to sit on my Ipad each week and go through my Bloglovin feed to keep up to date with my favourite bloggers or find new ones, I thinks its a great way to keep up to date with blogs you love.

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me :) definitely going to check out the rest! Following you on bloglovin now too :) xx


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