March 18, 2014

Soap & Glory - No Clogs Allowed

Deep Pore Detox Mask

Lately I have been wanting to give my skin extra tlc, by doing so I have been drinking more water and making sure I remove all my make up before bed. I have really dry skin so it needs so much care to make sure I have smooth skin to apply my make up onto. There is nothing worse for me than my make up not going on properly because my skin feels dehydrated. I have been wanting to purchase the Soap & Glory no clogs allowed for a while now, what was stopping me was the price. I wanted to read up about the product before I ended up spending £11.50 on a face mask. I must be honest with Soap & Glory, I am never disappointed. They are spot on with their products and every single product I have purchased I am super pleased with. The good news is, I am still not disappointed...

This face mask you use once a week, you apply a grape size amount to your face, then you wet your hands. scrub until it turns blue and you can feel the heat. After five minutes wash it all off with a face cloth. I recommend putting this on just before you get into the bath, gives it longer to work and you can relax soaking up all the bubbles. I love that it gives off heat, you can actually feel it working. I love this product so much, once you wash it off your skin is instantly soft. From the first use which is pretty impressive. I'm not keen on the price but it feels like a luxury product due to it having that something different to it. I love that it gives off heat, after one use mys kin looks and feels so healthy. The scent of this product smells like sweats, soft minty sweets. 

Its not too thick of a mask but it doesn't need to be plastered on your skin to work, which means it will last longer. I have used so many skin care products to make my skin feel amazing, not many actually do what they say they will but this does which is a huge bonus. Its relaxing and makes your skin feel incredible. I find that my skin in general has cleared up and feels super clean, I go on to cleanse my skin after using this and then apply cream. It feels great to go to bed with such clean skin, I am a 100% impressed with this product and defiantly recommend it if you fancy a new face mask. 




  1. I just reviewed this product! I think it's amazing as well! I love S&G face masks. Their 2-in-1 facial peel is amazing as well

    x x

  2. i love all s&g products!

  3. I love the 2-in-1 facemask so this is definitely going on my to buy list for next month! What a great review!

  4. This looks amazing,
    The fact its quite thick and will last a while is a huge appeal to

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains


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