March 13, 2014

Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter

This product is one of my all time favourites ever, that is a huge statement to make because I am really fussy when it comes to purchasing a product again. If I really love the product I won't hesitate in wanting it back into my routine without thinking what if I can find this but better. That is not the case when it comes to Soap & Glory products, each and every product I buy I can grantee I am never disappointed. The Righteous butter is one of those products I will not hesitate to buy when its run out, mind you it does take a while for this beauty to run out. That for me is a good thing because I just adore it. You defiantly get out of it what you pay for it. 

I love the smell of this product, it smells divine and you almost want to eat it. I won't I promise you but it smells amazing. Next time when you get chance smell this product and let me know, you will defiantly fall in love with it. I love the packaging when it comes to Soap & Glory, they have it all so perfect. If I could have all the products I would, I recently purchased the No Clogs Allowed face mask, that will be an upcoming blog post for you. I am so excited to try it out, I am pretty sure I will love it. 

I apply this after a shower/ bath and its guaranteed to make you feel 100% better, even after a really long day. I think that if you are wanting to buy something for your mom this Mothers day defiantly try buy a Soap & Glory products, I know I will. Every time I go into Boots with my mom I point it out telling her she needs to try this so I think its time I buy it for her. 

With a  softening shea butter and aloe vera formula this is perfect for dry skin. I love products that make my skin feel so soft and looked after. This defiantly does what it says and makes you feel amazing. The perfect pamper night product to use after a hot bath. what do you think of my new background for my products, using my favourite magazines as a backdrop with the beautiful Zoella on the cover of Company and Katy Perry on the cover of Marie Claire. 

Have you tried this product?



  1. I've recently dug this out of my collection and love it all over again, by far the best body butter ever!

  2. I have seen this in the stores. But really never thought to try it. Sounds good.. maybe next time I will pick it up!

  3. Looks lovely! I've never tried any S&G products, but this looks great!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  4. I own this and absolutely adore it! Soap & Glory makes some of the most moisturizing products, you've got to try their hand food if you haven't yet!


  5. nice to see zoe in the background of this most! My sister's been recommending this to me for a while now, so I think I might have to give it a go x

  6. I love this stuff. It smells incredible & a big pot lasts me ages. I always have a pot on the go


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