March 26, 2014

Sometimes I get called (Dr) Miss Dolittle...

Digby / Ollie / Bella / Jessica / Nevada / Max

I thought I would share with you my little babies, every week I make sure that they have everything they need. Clean cages, toys, treats, food and cuddles. I spend a fortune on new things for all my animals but its one of the things that make me happy. Seeing that they have a nice clean cage and new food makes me smile. I do have a few animals but I love them so much, 2 of my babies I adopted. If you follow me on Instagram you may know I have a border collie, shes called Isabella. She is my pride and joy, everyday she makes me extremely happy and I cannot ask for a better pooch. She loves her tennis balls, Biscuits, the park, the car, her teddies, walks, cuddles, duvets and taking over the bed at night. Shes now 3 and a right cheeky monkey but I would not change a thing about her. Her mommy is Jessica and her sister Nevada, they are my moms dogs along with the recent family member max. ( last image) He is crazy, so much energy for one puppy its unreal but he is the cutest thing ever and when I visit I just hug him so tight. 

Digby is my ball of fluff, he is the quietest hamster ever. I honestly thought he would run marathons during the night but he hardly ever makes a noise. I know he goes on his wheel but its not load at all. He loves his treats but most of all he loves to make sure his cage is clean. I leave treats around his cage to find but he picks them up and places them in his food bowl, honestly so cute. I recently purchased more treats for him from Pets at home and new bedding. I got him some pink bedding, hope he doesn't mind that. I named him after Lucy watsons dog but when I adopted him from Pets at home, on the way home he dug himself out his travel box and escaped. So I find that Digby suits him more than any other name would have, he is so cheeky. He loves to sit in my dressing gown pocket or cuddle me lying in my scarf, the softest hamster I have ever had.

Ollie is my budgie, my mom let me buy him just after graduation due to me loving birds. I have wanted to purchase another budgie for so long now. I used to have 2 but my female budgie got sick, she was called Willow. I love how cheeky Ollie can be, he hides from me in his cage. We recently trained him to sit on our finger, which has made him extremely tame because before we trained him he was a right lad, he would scream the house down when you went near the cage with your hand. Now that he is trained he is the softest little guy ever, I let him fly around my room and he lets himself back into his cage after. I also have a rabbit whos called Alfie, hes black and white. I love him to bits. He was my Christmas gift and we adopted him a year ago on Christmas eve. Hes super cheeky and nips me whenever hes out the cage but hes so cuddly and friendly. 

I love my animals so much and it makes me smile when I know I'm doing everything I can for them. This is something I do every week, I make sure they have clean cages and have plenty cuddles. Going into Pets at home to buy them new treats is just the best!


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  1. Aww what gorgeous animals you have! Pets are such great company aren't they? I've got two cats and two dogs and wouldn't be without them, as they all have such individual personalities :)

    Jenny xx


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