March 05, 2014

Spring Has Sprung- Outfit Wish List!

Due to recently getting a car on finance I have a very strict budget each month, so to sooth this or make it worse I can't decide which, I like to make wish lists though. I love making these little outfit posts to see what I would pair with what. I am loving Boohoo, always have and if I could have a wardrobe full of their stuff that would be heaven. I think they have a brilliant range of clothes to suit so many people. I am a huge lover of Spring/ Summer, the colours, the sunshine, ice cream, the beach, bright colours, flowers you name it I love it. This year when I can I want to update my wardrobe with outfits like this. 

I am loving the colour yellow this year, I wasn't sure if it would be a colour I'd go for but after seeing these shoes from Boohoo I could be persuaded. paired with the skinny ripped jeans from New Look I think this outfit would look super cool together. I would wear quite baggy tops and really skinny jeans for this look. I chose yellow to blend in with the kimono top, there is a hint of yellow in the design. I wanted to keep the top underneath plain so they didn't clash. I love adding a hint of colour to match something in my outfits. The necklace is to die for, I am loving huge statement necklaces, I love pairing them with my uniform at work to brighten it up.

I love a bit of pastel in my wardrobe, I love baby blue its one of my all time favourite colours. I would love to wear this watch out and about, its super cute and perfect. I want to add more pastel to my wardrobe this season, I think there are some great pieces out there right now and its making me want to buy so much. 

Would you wear this outfit?




  1. I love the shirt and the vest top, shoes are a little bright but I guess would look great on a youngster.

  2. love the blue and yellow together. Shoes are gorgeous but too high for me

  3. I'm loving yellow too...those shoes are great. I really want a nice pair of boyfriend jeans I can roll up for spring time. Not really looked on Boohoo before but might have to now! Thanks for sharing. Danielle x

  4. That is a gorgeous outfit, love the shoes, I am not usually a yellow person as my skin tone is very pink and feel that I would clash, but those shoes are gorge!

    Super cute outfit!

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  5. I love this outfit. I would wear it in a heartbeat <3

  6. Love this outfit! Especially those yellow shows - perfect!



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