March 17, 2014

The Start Of Spring- Lots Of Border Collies!

. I love Spring I think its the best time of the year, all the flowers come out and its the best time to go out and have long walks with my Bella and her friends. We took Bella, Jessica and Nevada on a walk to the local park, they loved it and I'm sure they would go out in any weather. Today was so nice though and i'm glad that we made a day of it, the fresh air always makes me feel better. Coming from living in South Africa for 15 years I honestly miss the hot weather and my pool, so I am so pleased to see the sun shining. This year we haven't done too bad though, its been a mild winter in which I don't mind at all. 

I love taking Bella out and making a huge effort to do it everyday even if its for a half hour walk, on my days off we go to the park or for a real long hour walk. I love to put my wellies on a just go for an adventure with Bella. In the pictures you will see many collies but the 4th image is my dog Isabella, the 3rd image is Bellas mommy and her sister Nevada was with us too.  I am looking forward to this Summer, taking Bella to the beach is one of my favourite things to do. i love seeing her have a really good run and get full of mud, my new car might not like it but for Bella its fine. I really need to get so many photographs printed of my pooch, I want to be able to keep them forever and I love  Bellas cheeky grin that she does when shes enjoying her walk, to see what I mean look at the 4th image...

I'm looking forward to more days in the sun like this!


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  1. such cute dogs! x


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