March 22, 2014

Vogue Candy Ipad Mini Case!

I love to swap and change my Iphone and Ipad case more often than I probably should. I found this Ipad case on a blog review done by Carrie Brighton and thought that the colour combination worked wonders. I love anything that is a pastel colour and it worked perfectly with my Iphone case. Them both together make a good pair, I love that it matches. This Ipad case is one of my all time favourites I have purchased, I am pretty sure I won't be buying another one to quickly. I love the easy magnetic clip to keep the top closed. The overall quality of this case for the price is amazing. The most important part is that it keep my Ipad safe, I don't want to crack it or scratch it just yet, I only got it last Christmas. I used my Ipad everyday to read blogs, go on YouTube and keep up to date on Twitter. Thanks to this beautiful case, it makes it even more enjoyable to look at. My Iphone case I change all the time, I have so many that I could swap and change every few weeks. This is one of my favourites though due to it being super cute. I love the heart design around the camera and the cute details around the apple sign. Its simple but effective, I love the colour too.

If you fancy a new phone case, take a read of this blog post (LINK) and design your own for free with my discount code!



  1. I'm in love with the colour combo because it matches my blog colours! I love pink and mint green together x

  2. love the colours! x

  3. Such a beautiful case, I love the colours.


  4. Ooo I like how that iPad cover is two-toned - mint & pink! So cute!! I needa get a phone case for my iPhone too, just so many options! Ahhhhh!! haha

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  5. Those cases are both so cute!! I love the colors!


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