April 29, 2014

Birthday/ May Wish List!

In one month today I will be turning 23, I cannot believe how fast the past few years have gone. It feels like yesterday that it was my 21st, which was the most amazing birthday to date. I am looking forward to May in general, I am attending blog events, Going to see Katy Perry live in Manchester, night out planned in Manchester and few more photography projects lined up. I am really excited to see Katy Perry, I went to her California dreams tour two years ago and that was incredible. I am looking forward to seeing all her costumes and set design this year, her music is great. I would love to wear these suede peep toe platforms with these Topshop Moto jeans. I love Topshsop jeans, they fit well and feel great on because I struggle to find jeans that are comfortable and feel good. I hate fussy clothes, comfy clothes is the way forward for me. I am in need of a new pair of jeans, I may have to purchase some just before the event due to trying to tonne up for my birthday. I want to wear the Alexa Kimono due to it being in May and I am hoping for lovely weather, its usually gorgeous weather around my birthday. 

I am in need of a new laptop, ideally I would love a Mac book but this cute Acer would do. My current laptop is on its last legs, the battery lasts 10 minutes and its so slow. I would love a smaller laptop to take to London, Manchester and back home. Easy to transport and a cute this little Acer for my birthday could be a possible gift right?

I have so many of these Suzie dresses, they are so comfortable to wear. I wear grey/black to work and have a few more colours to wear in the Summer. I love the simple, soft feel of the fabric. Easy to wear with tights or as holiday essentials. On Monday I drove to the Trafford Centre with Rob for a lovely day shopping, we went into John Lewis and enjoyed looking at all the home ware goodies, Robs a chef so he really wanted to buy a mixer, I wanted him to buy a cute kitchen Aid as they would look gorgeous in our kitchen to make tasty cakes! One other thing I really wanted to purchase was a Jo Malone candle, the green tomato leaf candle just sounds incredible. I had a great day eating pizza and wandering around all the shops.

April 26, 2014

Get The look - Spring Make Up!

My 10 top products to achieve a Spring look: 

This Spring look I love, its easy to do and fast to achieve for when you want to run out the door into the sunshine for the day. I usually wear liquid eyeliner but for a softer look I decided against it. My everyday look typically consists off all these products with my liquid eyeliner of course. I am loving the match Perfection foundation for a nice light coverage that lasts all day and the colour is perfect to add some more blusher, for more of a healthy look to my skin. We don't get a lot of sunshine in the UK unless we have really good Summers in which I am hoping for this year, so to get a bronzed effect I use the Bourjois bronzing powder. This helps to lift some colour into my skin. I am a huge fan of the Benefit Cosmetics products, they have a great selection of products to choose from. I am loving the They're Real mascara and the Gimme Brow, both work wonders for this look. The mascara brings out my eye lashes which I love, I don't want too much of a subtle look to my eyes because I am used to applying the full works onto my eyes, from Mascara to liquid eyeliner.The mascara makes this look for me, they look full and lasts all day. I am loving using Gimme Brow , I think for Summer once you have perfected the eyebrows you are good to go with all your make up. It sets the look off just right, they look all set and lovely. I am loving using the Paul Penders Aloe & Lavender cream to start my routine of with. It dries fast and leaves my skin feeling super soft and cared for. In the Spring/ Summer I want my skin to look as healthy as possible, so this product works a dream. It smells great too which is always a bonus to a product. I left my hair to dry naturally after my bath so it looks a little crazy but next week I am getting it lightened and cut so maybe in the future posts I will have learnt to control that  cray of a hairstyle. With this look for going into the sunshine I like to push my hair back with my sunglasses so doing too much work to it might have been wasted I say. I am looking forward to the Summer and for days on the beach, so this make up look would be a great, fast way to go out super early for those long lovely days out. My favourite perfume to use over summer has to be Daisy by Marc Jacobs, always great to use before heading out into the sun.


April 24, 2014

My Top Pamper Night Products - April.

Pretty much every night for me is pamper night due to my love of bubble baths. I love to have a set night each week where I use all my favourite products and have a really long bubble bath. I do the face mask the lot, which is much needed after a long week. I think everyone should do this at least once a week, it relaxes you and you get to have you time. I wanted to share with you which products I love to use to pamper myself. I want to make this a regular feature on the blog each month. 

My go to brands for any pamper nights have to be Soap & Glory and Sanctuary. They smell incredible and leave you feeling great. If you need a good pamper night go to your local drug stores and pick up a couple products by them, usually they are on 3 for 2 in Boots. I always have some Soap & Glory, they never let me down. I am loving the No Clogs allowed face mask from Soap & Glory (REVIEW) I love that when you rub it onto your skin it gives of heat, which leaves my skin feeling soft and clean after a long week of wearing make up. I love to look after my skin because I wear make up on a daily basis. I try use a face mask around 3 times a week, I am not 100% if that's ott but its my favourite thing to do when I bath. 

For my skin I love to use Cleanse and polish by Liz Earle, this removes all my make up before I apply my face mask. I love that it exfoliates my skin with the muslin cloth too. (Review) This is one of my all time favourite products to use, I need to purchase some more of it as I am running out.

After you bath, apply your favourite body butter, creams to your skin. This always makes me feel better and I know that each week I am trying to look after my skin. I know that you should probably moisturise everyday but I honestly feel like I don't have time every day for this, so making sure I do it when I have my pamper nights is key for my routine.I am loving using the Dove Summer glow  gradual tan lotion, it gives my skin a natural looking glow. Just in time to start to get ready for the Summer days and swimming at the gym feels a little better with a tan. Don't forget to paint your nails with your favourite nail polishes, I am loving all the colours out at the moment by Barry M, the gelly nails are incredible. 

Once you have used all your favourite products, get into your onesie and read some blogs. I love to read my favourite photography books/ magazines and read through my bloglovin.

What products do you use for pamper nights?


April 22, 2014

Falling out of love with blogging?

I believe we all have moments when we come to a place where we feel unmotivated, not very creative, worried, comparing ourselves, giving up and the list goes on. On Twitter I see so many tweets about not feeling motivated or creative with your blogs and I personally can relate to this. Not knowing what to blog about next or comparing yourself to so many blog out there is hard work. One thing you have to remember though is to be yourself and to blog about what you want to blog about and when you feel like it. Having a schedule to post everyday will just make things worse if you struggle to know what to talk about. Realistic goals are the key, don't set yourself high ones because when you fail to meet them that will just make things worse. Set realistic ones so when you do more than what you set you will feel great about it. Your blog is your space to feel creative and proud, never compare just feel inspired to make yourself better. use other bloggers as inspiration instead of seeing them as rivals or thinking I will never be as good as them. They once started out with 0 followers, just think how far they have come with dedication and hard work. You can achieve this too even if you have a different style, schedule etc. Here are my top five tips on how to stay motivated and creative whilst running your blog.

  1. Don't compare yourself to other bloggers. Be yourself!
  2. Set yourself realistic goals such as blogging 3 times a week. If you do more that will be a bonus and you will feel great about it.
  3. Make mood boards out of magazine cut outs. Stick them above your desk or fill a note pad with ideas, drawings and images. This will help to keep you feeling inspired and keep your work space tidy! 
  4. Go on days out, take lots of photographs. visit museums and do something different. Go on a long walk and when you get back I bet you feel better about everything. 
  5. Use social media. I use Pinterest, Instagram, BlogLovin and twitter to find inspiration. Chat to other bloggers via the blog chats and read lots of blogs during the week. 
What are your top tips, I would love to hear yours!


April 21, 2014

My New Blog Design!

Recently I felt as though my blog needed a whole new look to it, to help me feel motivated and for you guys to enjoy reading my blog. I find a new design is like a spring clean, it all feels fresh and new again and my blog was waiting for a whole new design. I wanted to wait till I knew how i wanted my blog to look and to see if I will carry on blogging. I knew I wanted a fresh look and to work alongside some one to come up with a whole new look and secondly I have been blogging now for 2 years and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So I went ahead and asked on Twitter where I could get my blog designed. The lovely pretty wild things got back to me and I decided to go ahead with the new blog design. I am so pleased I did, I am loving the new fresh blog look to add to my Twitter, Facebook banners. I love pandas and the colour mint, so all and all I am happy. This blog redesign cost me £35 which is not bad at all considering I got a whole new layout, colour scheme, banner, just everything looks 100 times better. Pretty Wild Things got shortlisted for Company Magazine best designed blog, that tells you everything you need to know. I was so pleased with the input I could have and she was amazing keeping me up to date via email. It took her two days to completely redesign my blog, which I was expecting a couple weeks to do. This was amazing due to once I decided I wanted a whole new look, I literally could not wait to see the finished look. Head on over to her blog and check out her prices and packages.

Blog Designs: Pretty Wild Things
Pretty Wild Things Blog


April 20, 2014

My Top 5 Blogs On My BlogLovin! #2

Last month I did a blog post about my top 10 favourite blogs on my Bloglovin. I really enjoyed sharing with you the blogs I read every week due to Bloglovin. I love this site, it really helps to keep up to date with your favourite bloggers and you find new ones through it too. i find myself on here for hours looking through all the categories to find new blogs or get some inspiration. I have so many blogs I read on a daily basis and love to find new ones, i thought I would share with you a few more blogs i have on my bloglovin and hopefully you will love them as much as I do. Here is the last post I did on this for you to read. Let me know if you love these blogs too or if its a new one to you. 

Top 5 - April

I have followed many of these for a while now but some are new to me too. Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do. Let me know if some are new to you too!


April 19, 2014

My Nail Polish Storage Solution!

Jar - £1.99 Pound Stretcher

Recently I have noticed I have quite an obsession with nail polishes and my glossy box I was using was jam packed full and all messy which drove me mad. I wanted a cheap but effective way to store them without having to hide them all away. I have to say this though, I may need a second jar..

I am loving the Barry M Gelly nails at the moment, they are amazing quality and come in the best colours. My favourite at the moment has to be Dragon which is the light pink in the second photograph. I went into Pound Stretcher due to a new one being opened where I live and found that it has so many house hold goodies for the kitchen and lots of other things. I found this jar in the kitchen area and decided I was going to use it for my nail polishes. I love how it looks in my room and you can see them all. I hate hiding them away in a cupboard, now this may make me use more colours. I tend to stick to pastel shades, anything pastel I will love. You can re use these jars for so many things, you don't have to use them for the kitchen. I love glass jars though, i even buy small ones to put flowers in them. It creates something different for the home. I will be putting up some more nail polish related blog posts soon, so keep an eye out for them. I am so pleased i found this jar, its a bargain, it makes my nail polishes stand out and they look neat. How do you store your nail polishes or beauty products, let me know or do you know any cute DIY tips for the house?


April 17, 2014

Max Factor - Creme Puff Pressed Powder!

Max Factor Pressed Powder 

I went into Boots a couple weeks ago to try find high coverage make up. My make up bag has been lacking in foundations and powders to use when I need just that bit more coverage. I knew that this powder would do the job from using it a few years back so I went for this and the matching foundation. ( Review) I usually use powders by Rimmel for my everyday make up which work really well and have been using them for many years, I just fancied a change and to experiment with more brands. I love that this powder comes in gold packaging which holds it in place when you need to carry it around in your handbag. I hate it when powders have loose lids to slide off in your bag or smash your make up easily. This powder I find when I apply it in the morning there will be no need to reapply during the day. I find that it holds my make up in place for hours during the day, at work its great as I never take my make up with me. I love that it gives an even, silky smooth finish. Make sure you find out which shade to buy as they can be heavier than you are used to if you buy other powders such as brands like Rimmel and Bourjois. I love the finish it gives my make up look and would I re purchase this for stronger make up looks, I do like to wear a small amount of powder and foundation during the day as my everyday look. I love to use make up brushes to apply my make up, my favourite at the moment like most bloggers would be Real Technique ones. I do apply this with the sponge it comes with, it creates a  smoother, stronger look but to lighten the amount up a little I like to use my real tech powder brush to apply a small amount. I just love the quality of this product, it works wonders and keeps my make up looking decent all day long. 

Have you tried this product?


April 14, 2014

Garnier- Ultimate Blends Conditioner

This has to be one of my all time favourite conditioners due to the fact it makes the colour of my hair stand out and shine. It also makes my hair smell amazing with its Cranberry extracts and it makes it super soft and easy to style. I am loving how shiny and glossy my hair looks at the moment since using this conditioner. I love to get my hair dyed from the age of 15 I have dyed my hair many colours from red, purple to really dark brown, almost black hair. Recently I have made a huge effort to let it wash out naturally and to just leave it alone. I have been tempted to buy a bottle of hair dye and go back dark brown but my hair has been so much healthier and shiny since letting my natural hair colour shine through. I am wanting to go a caramel colour in the next couple weeks. Caramel will sit better with my blonde roots and not be as harsh as they were when I had dark hair. 

I love the smell of this product, anything cranberry, strawberry, raspberry is a must for me. What I love the most though is that this product has argon oil in it which helps to look after my hair whilst using my everyday conditioner. I am not a huge fan of using conditioner due to my hair being so straight and hard to style but this one works a treat. I recently saw a tweet on Twitter about reverse hair washing and thought that I would give it a go. I can say that its not a crazy thing to do, it actually works and very well I must add. My hair is more bouncy and fluffy, which is a great thing for me with hair that can look weak and limp due to it loving to be straight at all times. go one and try using your conditioner first, I am loving it at the moment!

If you want to look after coloured hair give this conditioner a whirl, also now that its on offer for just £1.94. You might as well try it at that price. You get 400ml for this price and it will last me a very long time. Even if I go to another conditioner to try this one will sit firmly in my bathroom, its a great product. I use this around three times a week and my hair feels great, this is a great product that I highly recommend you try if you colour your hair and want it to look great.

Have you tried this product?

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April 11, 2014

Topshop Wish List For A Summer Style Update!

I love to do wish lists due to the fact I cannot buy anything at the moment whilst paying all my money towards my car but its fun to have a look at whats in at the shops right now. I love dresses like these, Topshop always have something I love on the website which makes it harder not to buy stuff. I love the large check pattern on the top and the smaller pattern on the bottom. I would love to pair this beautiful Summer dress with a big felt floppy hat. I love how Binky wore one last night in MIC first episode back on our screens. She is just perfection, I am loving that Lucy Watson is wearing things from Boohoo. 

These cute geek shoes from Topshop would bring a little sunshine into the outfit which is great. I am on the hunt for some cute Summer shoes and I think that these fit that perfectly. I'm not a 100% on the hand bag but I think its so cute, it reminds me of a bag I would have had when I was younger in the 90's. I love the clear and hot pink contrast. It works well and on holiday it would make a huge statement.

There is so much I want to purchase lately, my wardrobe looks horrendous. There is not one thing that I love to wear and if I do love it I've worn it 100 times. I recently moved home and started putting my clothes away and thought that it needs a whole new clear out. I really hope to be able to go on a good shopping spree soon!

Would you buy any of these things on my wish list?


April 09, 2014

5 Tips: Moving Out For The First Time!

Recently I noticed that I have moved house more times than I could count on both hands. I moved to England when I was 15 from South Africa which meant moving our whole life and belonging with us. We decided to start afresh with most things and only bring the essentials, we still managed to bring 18 suitcases though between 4 of us. I hated having to give away all my things but at the end of the day it was just things and we got to start afresh in a new school, place, home and now I have a degree in photography that I defiantly would not have if we decided to stay. So moving this much has had a huge impact on my life, negative maybe but I see it as a positive. Here are a few of my own tips to help you when you decide to move house, go to university away from home or even sharing a house with friends. 

  1. Clear out all the junk that you know you don't need because you have gone for years without realising you have it stored away in your cupboard or under your bed. Start your new space with a positive vibe by not bringing all your junk with you to just place it in a different room.
  2. house sharing? Make sure you are willing to share out chores, clean up after yourself, save electric and make it a happy home for all living with you. House rules are essential to keep everyone happy by knowing what you need to do to help the house.
  3. You definitely need to realise when you are a student that there may not be a lot of money available after bills. Try budget every week to feed yourself and keep yourself out of huge amounts of over drafts. I did it and regret having a over draft when finishing university. You defiantly have a fun time at university, i really enjoyed my time at uni. Learn to budget and it can help to smooth out all those house bills and leave you with some extra for food rather than plan old pasta every night.
  4. cut down on boxes by using washing baskets and any storage you can find. Clean your house before you move in if you can because that creates extra stress on the day of the move. Roll your clothes into tight rolls to save on space to pack in more of your wardrobe. Take photos of your new room before you add any of your stuff into it, any damage take photos of it too in case you get blamed and loose your deposit.
  5. Budget on what you spend on food, clothes, home ware and other things otherwise until you have your own space you don't realise how much things cost. Food is expensive so plan meals for as many nights as you can and don't let food go to waste. make shopping lists and try stick to them. Keep a calendar and make chores for yourself, keeping your space clean will make you feel better about your own room/home. 
Are you planning on moving soon?


April 08, 2014

Soap & Glory: Hand Food!

One of my all time favourite brands has to be Soap & Glory, with the products you can never go wrong in my opinion. Every product I purchase from them has been spot on, the scent to the quality of the products are perfection. I have the hand food in my handbag at all times, the amazing scent of this product makes it amazing to use. The product itself works wonders on my hands making them ready for the Summer time. I think that you need to hydrate your hands with hand cream, it makes them feel great. This product is a must in your Soap & glory set, its one of my all time favourites.

I love that this hand cream is non greasy, I cannot stand when a hand cream takes ages to dry. You want one you can apply and go, no need to wait around for it to dry. It has a silky smooth texture to it which I love. This product has Lotus flower and fennel as extracts which gives it that perfect scent. The thing I love about Soap & glory is that they smell incredible, every time I use a product if feels like you are having a great pamper session. The smell and quality makes the product perfection in my eyes. Receiving Soap & Glory for gifts for Christmas or birthdays are great because you just cannot go wrong with one of their products. I find that this cream works wonders for sensitive skin, its gentle enough to use everyday. My next step to trying out Soap & glory will have to be their make up products, bring on the 3 for 2 at Boots!

What do you think of this product?


April 07, 2014

Foundation Brush: Real Technique dupe!

As much as I love my Real Technique brushes I needed a new foundation brush but could not justify the cost of them. I went on the internet and found these perfect dupes for the technique brushes. I was scared to purchase it due to the urgency of needing a new brush to apply my foundation but it was super fast delivery and the perfect brush to use.

These are cruelty free elastic bristle brushes, the quality of them for the price work perfectly. The bristles are really soft on my skin and apply my foundation smoothly and just as good as my Real Tech brush but one thing I know is my Real Tech brushes lasted me over a year with washing them every week. I am still testing out the length that this brush will last me. If it lasts me a few washes I will re think my dupe purchase but so far so good. I hate having to apply my foundation with my fingers as I feel for me the coverage doesn't seem as smooth. I love that this brush fits in well with all my other brushes and it looks great fitting in with my real technique brushes. 

They have more brushes available to purchase so you can have a full set to complete a starter set if you are not sure if they are for you. I think the quality of them make them great to buy them as presents or just to use on holiday. I am really pleased I found these brushes as I want more in my collection without the breaking my ban at the moment. 


April 03, 2014

March Favourites

It has been a few days since I typed up a blog post, this is due to moving house. I have been working on trying to create a new routine, one that is productive with my time. I took a handful of photographs today to start this off, I have plenty blog posts planned for the upcoming month. I cannot believe it is April, this year so far has flown by. This month I have only purchased a couple treats for myself and some bits that I need for my skin care. I will go through a few of my favourites this month for you now, so many things that I am loving and fallen back in love with.

Due to not being able to purchase much this month I have found a couple bargains from boots. The first one has to be the Boots own bubble bath, its only about 80p. You get so much use out of this huge bottle but don't get me wrong I love ones with more of a scent to it. This one hardly has any scent to it but it does make my skin feel great and it creates many bubbles which is the best thing. I add a couple drops of baby oil into the bath to make my skin feel great. I mean for what you pay its a great product for when you just need some bubbles!

The second budget buy this month is the Zingy Berry shower gel, this is on offer at the moment at Boots and it cost me no more that 65p. That is a true bargain, the product itself feels great and smells great. The texture and feel of it is perfect for a shower gel. Its quit thick and smells so fruity which is what I love, anything that smells like this is a winner. It does the job and is such a bargain. Full review up soon!

I have done a review of my new Ipad mini case but quickly will just say that it is perfection. I am loving the colour of it and it keeps my ipad safe and really pretty. Review here if you fancy a read!

Due to the fact I love Katy Perry she is my all time icon and I love her music. I am going to see her live for my birthday in May which is super exciting. I have fallen in love again with her perfume Purr, it smells great and I love the cat bottle.

two skin care products that I am loving this month are the Liz earle cleanse and polish and the Garnier micellar cleansing water. Both do the job extremely well and leave my skin feeling exfoliated, clean, fresh and feeling in top condition. I am wanting to keep both in my skin care routine for a while now because for me its hard to find something that I will stick with to help my skin feel great. I have decided that both these products are defiantly worth the purchase. I am wanting to use my Liz Earle to help keep my skin exfoliated and the Garnier to make sure that there is no make up on my skin at bed time. Click on the product names for my full reviews!

The beauty of this next product, its defiantly worth all the hype and blog reviews around it. It creates the perfect eye brow and its just so easy to use. It has transformed how I feel about filling in eyebrows, its the amazing Gimme Brow by Benefit. I am so in love with this product and so pleased I got the chance to try it, defiantly one to keep in my make up bag at all times! 

My new favourite conditioner has to be by Garnier, it is the Ultimate blend formula with Argon oil and Cranberry. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling amazing. Recently my hair has been quit limp and dry and I am trying my best no to dye it. I have not touched any hair dye since last October which is a miracle for me. I am wanting to get my hair in better shape before I go lighter to my natural hair colour. This product has been great help to keep the colour I have shiny and feeling really silky smooth. My hair even though its quit thin can become tangled and not great, since using this the colour looks healthy and it smells yummy too. Full review will be going up soon!

I have been loving the Soap & Glory No Cloggs allowed face mask, this product has been a saviour for my skin. It feels amazing when its on the skin, I love that it becomes hot on the skin too. Once washed off my skin is super smooths and feels great, it leaves my skin looking healthier and a great base to apply make up. Full review here! I have also been loving the Soap & Glory Hand Food, this product sits in my handbag and I use it everyday. It helps to keep my hands looking great and by Summer I will have smooth skin. Soap & Glory you just cannot fault them, every product they have is just perfection!

What have you been loving?

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