April 26, 2014

Get The look - Spring Make Up!

My 10 top products to achieve a Spring look: 

This Spring look I love, its easy to do and fast to achieve for when you want to run out the door into the sunshine for the day. I usually wear liquid eyeliner but for a softer look I decided against it. My everyday look typically consists off all these products with my liquid eyeliner of course. I am loving the match Perfection foundation for a nice light coverage that lasts all day and the colour is perfect to add some more blusher, for more of a healthy look to my skin. We don't get a lot of sunshine in the UK unless we have really good Summers in which I am hoping for this year, so to get a bronzed effect I use the Bourjois bronzing powder. This helps to lift some colour into my skin. I am a huge fan of the Benefit Cosmetics products, they have a great selection of products to choose from. I am loving the They're Real mascara and the Gimme Brow, both work wonders for this look. The mascara brings out my eye lashes which I love, I don't want too much of a subtle look to my eyes because I am used to applying the full works onto my eyes, from Mascara to liquid eyeliner.The mascara makes this look for me, they look full and lasts all day. I am loving using Gimme Brow , I think for Summer once you have perfected the eyebrows you are good to go with all your make up. It sets the look off just right, they look all set and lovely. I am loving using the Paul Penders Aloe & Lavender cream to start my routine of with. It dries fast and leaves my skin feeling super soft and cared for. In the Spring/ Summer I want my skin to look as healthy as possible, so this product works a dream. It smells great too which is always a bonus to a product. I left my hair to dry naturally after my bath so it looks a little crazy but next week I am getting it lightened and cut so maybe in the future posts I will have learnt to control that  cray of a hairstyle. With this look for going into the sunshine I like to push my hair back with my sunglasses so doing too much work to it might have been wasted I say. I am looking forward to the Summer and for days on the beach, so this make up look would be a great, fast way to go out super early for those long lovely days out. My favourite perfume to use over summer has to be Daisy by Marc Jacobs, always great to use before heading out into the sun.



  1. Lovely make up!!! Super pretty look :D Great post! :)
    Ava xox

  2. lovely look, i really want to try out those benefit products


  3. you look lovely x

  4. Your foundation looks lovely, very natural and glowing


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