April 03, 2014

March Favourites

It has been a few days since I typed up a blog post, this is due to moving house. I have been working on trying to create a new routine, one that is productive with my time. I took a handful of photographs today to start this off, I have plenty blog posts planned for the upcoming month. I cannot believe it is April, this year so far has flown by. This month I have only purchased a couple treats for myself and some bits that I need for my skin care. I will go through a few of my favourites this month for you now, so many things that I am loving and fallen back in love with.

Due to not being able to purchase much this month I have found a couple bargains from boots. The first one has to be the Boots own bubble bath, its only about 80p. You get so much use out of this huge bottle but don't get me wrong I love ones with more of a scent to it. This one hardly has any scent to it but it does make my skin feel great and it creates many bubbles which is the best thing. I add a couple drops of baby oil into the bath to make my skin feel great. I mean for what you pay its a great product for when you just need some bubbles!

The second budget buy this month is the Zingy Berry shower gel, this is on offer at the moment at Boots and it cost me no more that 65p. That is a true bargain, the product itself feels great and smells great. The texture and feel of it is perfect for a shower gel. Its quit thick and smells so fruity which is what I love, anything that smells like this is a winner. It does the job and is such a bargain. Full review up soon!

I have done a review of my new Ipad mini case but quickly will just say that it is perfection. I am loving the colour of it and it keeps my ipad safe and really pretty. Review here if you fancy a read!

Due to the fact I love Katy Perry she is my all time icon and I love her music. I am going to see her live for my birthday in May which is super exciting. I have fallen in love again with her perfume Purr, it smells great and I love the cat bottle.

two skin care products that I am loving this month are the Liz earle cleanse and polish and the Garnier micellar cleansing water. Both do the job extremely well and leave my skin feeling exfoliated, clean, fresh and feeling in top condition. I am wanting to keep both in my skin care routine for a while now because for me its hard to find something that I will stick with to help my skin feel great. I have decided that both these products are defiantly worth the purchase. I am wanting to use my Liz Earle to help keep my skin exfoliated and the Garnier to make sure that there is no make up on my skin at bed time. Click on the product names for my full reviews!

The beauty of this next product, its defiantly worth all the hype and blog reviews around it. It creates the perfect eye brow and its just so easy to use. It has transformed how I feel about filling in eyebrows, its the amazing Gimme Brow by Benefit. I am so in love with this product and so pleased I got the chance to try it, defiantly one to keep in my make up bag at all times! 

My new favourite conditioner has to be by Garnier, it is the Ultimate blend formula with Argon oil and Cranberry. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling amazing. Recently my hair has been quit limp and dry and I am trying my best no to dye it. I have not touched any hair dye since last October which is a miracle for me. I am wanting to get my hair in better shape before I go lighter to my natural hair colour. This product has been great help to keep the colour I have shiny and feeling really silky smooth. My hair even though its quit thin can become tangled and not great, since using this the colour looks healthy and it smells yummy too. Full review will be going up soon!

I have been loving the Soap & Glory No Cloggs allowed face mask, this product has been a saviour for my skin. It feels amazing when its on the skin, I love that it becomes hot on the skin too. Once washed off my skin is super smooths and feels great, it leaves my skin looking healthier and a great base to apply make up. Full review here! I have also been loving the Soap & Glory Hand Food, this product sits in my handbag and I use it everyday. It helps to keep my hands looking great and by Summer I will have smooth skin. Soap & Glory you just cannot fault them, every product they have is just perfection!

What have you been loving?



  1. I love no clogs allowed! I recently reviewed it too! I love s&g products!
    I bought the garnier micellar water but haven't tried it yet as I have stuff to finish before Haha but I've heard good things about it so am looking forward to using it :)


    x x

  2. Lovely post hun :) I love Soap and Glory too... have a bit of an addiction to buying their products. Great blog xx


  3. I am loving the Barry M gel polishes at the minute also! I need to get the pastel shades at the weekend they look so pretty :') I also want to try the new Benefit Brow wand I have heard so much mixed reviews on it though! :( x


  4. great items :) i can't believe it's already april! x


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