April 21, 2014

My New Blog Design!

Recently I felt as though my blog needed a whole new look to it, to help me feel motivated and for you guys to enjoy reading my blog. I find a new design is like a spring clean, it all feels fresh and new again and my blog was waiting for a whole new design. I wanted to wait till I knew how i wanted my blog to look and to see if I will carry on blogging. I knew I wanted a fresh look and to work alongside some one to come up with a whole new look and secondly I have been blogging now for 2 years and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. So I went ahead and asked on Twitter where I could get my blog designed. The lovely pretty wild things got back to me and I decided to go ahead with the new blog design. I am so pleased I did, I am loving the new fresh blog look to add to my Twitter, Facebook banners. I love pandas and the colour mint, so all and all I am happy. This blog redesign cost me £35 which is not bad at all considering I got a whole new layout, colour scheme, banner, just everything looks 100 times better. Pretty Wild Things got shortlisted for Company Magazine best designed blog, that tells you everything you need to know. I was so pleased with the input I could have and she was amazing keeping me up to date via email. It took her two days to completely redesign my blog, which I was expecting a couple weeks to do. This was amazing due to once I decided I wanted a whole new look, I literally could not wait to see the finished look. Head on over to her blog and check out her prices and packages.

Blog Designs: Pretty Wild Things
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