April 24, 2014

My Top Pamper Night Products - April.

Pretty much every night for me is pamper night due to my love of bubble baths. I love to have a set night each week where I use all my favourite products and have a really long bubble bath. I do the face mask the lot, which is much needed after a long week. I think everyone should do this at least once a week, it relaxes you and you get to have you time. I wanted to share with you which products I love to use to pamper myself. I want to make this a regular feature on the blog each month. 

My go to brands for any pamper nights have to be Soap & Glory and Sanctuary. They smell incredible and leave you feeling great. If you need a good pamper night go to your local drug stores and pick up a couple products by them, usually they are on 3 for 2 in Boots. I always have some Soap & Glory, they never let me down. I am loving the No Clogs allowed face mask from Soap & Glory (REVIEW) I love that when you rub it onto your skin it gives of heat, which leaves my skin feeling soft and clean after a long week of wearing make up. I love to look after my skin because I wear make up on a daily basis. I try use a face mask around 3 times a week, I am not 100% if that's ott but its my favourite thing to do when I bath. 

For my skin I love to use Cleanse and polish by Liz Earle, this removes all my make up before I apply my face mask. I love that it exfoliates my skin with the muslin cloth too. (Review) This is one of my all time favourite products to use, I need to purchase some more of it as I am running out.

After you bath, apply your favourite body butter, creams to your skin. This always makes me feel better and I know that each week I am trying to look after my skin. I know that you should probably moisturise everyday but I honestly feel like I don't have time every day for this, so making sure I do it when I have my pamper nights is key for my routine.I am loving using the Dove Summer glow  gradual tan lotion, it gives my skin a natural looking glow. Just in time to start to get ready for the Summer days and swimming at the gym feels a little better with a tan. Don't forget to paint your nails with your favourite nail polishes, I am loving all the colours out at the moment by Barry M, the gelly nails are incredible. 

Once you have used all your favourite products, get into your onesie and read some blogs. I love to read my favourite photography books/ magazines and read through my bloglovin.

What products do you use for pamper nights?



  1. great products x

  2. You have so many lovely pampering products. S&G products are always perfect for pamper sessions. They smell so good.

  3. I love soap and glory masks! They always leave my face feeling fresh and clean and I always use when in need of pampering and relaxing :)


    x x

  4. I agree - every girl needs a good pamper night once in a while! xx


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