April 07, 2014

Foundation Brush: Real Technique dupe!

As much as I love my Real Technique brushes I needed a new foundation brush but could not justify the cost of them. I went on the internet and found these perfect dupes for the technique brushes. I was scared to purchase it due to the urgency of needing a new brush to apply my foundation but it was super fast delivery and the perfect brush to use.

These are cruelty free elastic bristle brushes, the quality of them for the price work perfectly. The bristles are really soft on my skin and apply my foundation smoothly and just as good as my Real Tech brush but one thing I know is my Real Tech brushes lasted me over a year with washing them every week. I am still testing out the length that this brush will last me. If it lasts me a few washes I will re think my dupe purchase but so far so good. I hate having to apply my foundation with my fingers as I feel for me the coverage doesn't seem as smooth. I love that this brush fits in well with all my other brushes and it looks great fitting in with my real technique brushes. 

They have more brushes available to purchase so you can have a full set to complete a starter set if you are not sure if they are for you. I think the quality of them make them great to buy them as presents or just to use on holiday. I am really pleased I found these brushes as I want more in my collection without the breaking my ban at the moment. 



  1. I have one of these(or similar, got from ebay as well). It is really soft and I have had it for a good 5 months and use it daily. No shedding and holds up really well. Very impressed with the " Real Techniques" wannabe :)

  2. Gosh, this looks so similar & it sounds like it is good quality too. I don't own many brushes & Im always looking for budget friendly ones. These sounds perfect

  3. I can't believe how cheap this is! xx

  4. it even looks the same! x

  5. This is so cheap and looks really similar to real techniques - might have to give this one a go! x


  6. No way is this £1.99 it cost me £9.99 for the stippling brush! I'll definitely be getting this for my matte powder! Thanks for the review for it - let us know how long it lasts. xx www.thedaisyjaynes.com

    1. it seems to be lasting quite a while now and it washes nicely! hope you love it too if you buy it xx


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