May 16, 2014

Benefit - They're Real Push Up Liner!

Introducing you to the new member of the They're Real family, something that has changed the beauty industry for the better. Making it easier to apply your eyeliner by hugging so close to your eye that makes it easy to apply. Are you scared of liquid eyeliner or when you use them you end up with panda eyes from trying to make them perfect or the same? This product is sure to change your life, anyone can use this product and create the perfect flick. It is designed perfectly to glide across your eye to help you create the perfect look. This is a gel liner in a pen with a soft angled tip which draws on the line perfectly. You have maximum control from every angle and it gently pushes lashes to one side to get closer to your lash line. The pen has a wide base to provide a more stable application to the eye, you can spot innovation even before applying this product. It took Benefit over five years to perfect this product and you can see why from just looking at it. 

This is the first ever lash hugging gel liner pen. All you have to do is twist the bottom of the pen to push up the gel liner, slowly glide along the gel liner onto your eye lid. I am really pleased I have been given the chance to be one of the first people to try this product out and I can 100% tell you it is a game changer. I always wear liquid eyeliner and it has been part of my make up routine for years. One thing I struggle with is getting the flicks to match and look incredible, I always end up with one not matching or having to start again because I have ended up with panda eyes. This product I applied as I would for my everyday make up routine and it went on first time, both sides easy to do. It took me seconds to create the perfect flicks and much better than the products I have been using for years. I love that it dries a matte black, I have never been a fan of glitter or shiny eyeliners. It is easy to apply using the pen, the stability of this product works wonders. 

This gel liner is water proof, you can remove it with water proof products or the Benefit They're Real Remover which works wonders when you need to remove the gel liner. This product is a real game changer to my make up routine and the beauty world, I am really pleased with this product and with more applications I will end up with perfect flicks. I am going to be using this when I go to the Prismatic tour on Tuesday to make my eyes even more dramatic. I think this is a product that every girl should have in their beauty essentials, thank you Benefit for giving me the chance to try this out, it certainly will be in my favourites for years to come.. 

What do you think of Benefits new product?



  1. I LOVE the sound of this!! So excited to see it on the Benefit counters, it sounds like my kinda product!

    L x

  2. Sounds like my kind of eyeliner. I need something that I can apply in the morning & its still 100% there by the end of the night. Can't wait for this to be released

  3. I am really excited about this! It looks amazing! x

  4. it looks great! x

  5. This sounds amaing!!! I always end up doing my first eye perfetly then spend about half an hour trying to match the second one! Maybe I should try out this product!!!
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