May 07, 2014

How To Maintain A Blog?

I have been blogging for nearly two years now and I know how hard it can be to maintain a blog whilst working, going to university and having a busy lifestyle. I decided to start my blog in the Summer to keep my mind active and to write more, I was about to start my dissertation and I could not string anything together no matter 10 000 words. I really wanted to word my dissertation properly and try my best, blogging helped me start to understand my own writing and I was able to pass my dissertation too. I also had a big project to photograph and maintain my third year university work, I still managed to blog at least four times a week on top of working 3 or more shifts at Next. I thought I would share with you some advice and my experience on juggling my favourite hobby with life. I could not imagine leaving my blog for weeks on end without updating with a blog post, to me blogging is no chore. I enjoy it and find it relaxing after a long day at work. I enjoy feeling creative and taking the photographs of the products for the posts. Blogging should stay fun and it makes me feel really creative, its something that I can see myself doing for a very long time. I enjoy reading other blogs and feeling inspired by them too. Use other bloggers as Inspiration, feel inspired by them instead of seeing them as rival blogs? 

Don't Compare: Don't forget to not compare yourself with another blog, your blog is your space on the internet. Everyone has a different lifestyle, no one is the same person. You need to plan your blog around your life and make sure you enjoy it. It should not feel like a chore, blogging makes me extremely happy and I hope you all feel the same about your blog!

Use A Diary: One of the best tools for me whilst running my blog is my diary. Without it I have so many ideas running around my head. Writing down dates, ideas, times etc will help  you feel organised and its an excuse to buy pretty stationary. I like to plan out ideas, reviews and I note down any blogs that help with inspiration. It helps to free your mind for the rest of your day/ week too. 

Photograph In Bulk: I take photographs of all my products in one day, I then end up with perfect lighting for my images and I can then blog late at night when I feel inspired to write. I save all the images on my laptop under the titles of each month. I then can go back on myself and find the photographs and know when I took them. This frees up more time to do other things in your life and you can then blog when you finish work late at night!

Goals: Set yourself realistic goals, don't try and push yourself to blog everyday. Fit it in around your life. Try plan to blog at least three times a week and if you do more you will feel great about it. Try set yourself goals such as blogging Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, during the rest of the days you can sort out all other life bits or blog more!

Make Mood Boards: If you feel as though you just cannot find inspiration to blog I advise that you cut out images from magazines, use photographs and hang them up near your desk. Keep your desk clean and you will feel more motivated to work and stay positive about your blog. When you go for a walk around the park with your dog, take photographs and blog about it. You can add more about your lifestyle to your blog when you are out and about during the week.

I think the main thing about maintaining your blog is to take photographs in bulk, keep organised, keep your work space tidy and just enjoy it. I never feel as though my blog is a chore, its an incredible way for me to feel inspired, creative and to enjoy writing. Stay positive about your blog and it will fit in nicely around your life. Never feel pressured to blog everyday, I blog when I feel inspired and I never force myself to blog. It keeps blogging fun and it helps me maintain my blog every week. I hope this post has helped some of you to feel better about maintaining you blog around a busy lifestyle. 



  1. Thanks for this yet again amazing post from you. I hope bloggers take these tips on board as I know I will do x

  2. This is so useful! I've not heard of mood boards, but i might try it out :) These are great, I think esp not to compare yourself to other bloggers. It's so easy to do but can also be so fatal to your blog. Thank you for the post :) x
    | Life as a Petite |

  3. Great post :) Tips are fantastic, something I will definitely take on board. I've only just started out Blogging.

    Chloe @

  4. fantastic tips and all round great blog post! x

  5. Some very good points! Is that your picture? I need to know where I can get a wall mounted desk organiser thingy like that! love it! x

  6. Love the post! :) Like Lucy, is this your photo? I love the desk organiser!! x

    Amy Caitlin |

    1. thank you so much! its a photo from Pinterest but maybe ebay may have something like this ? xxxx


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