May 21, 2014

Katy Perry - Prismatic World Tour Manchester

Last night I had such a great night at the Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour, I have been waiting for this tour since she announced she will be releasing a new album. It is totally different to what she did for her California Dreams tour but that's why I love her. She can change her style but its still her story she is telling through her music. I love the Prism album, so many amazing songs on it. I loved hearing Dark Horse, Roar, Unconditionally and By the grace of god. She always puts on such a great show, the stage was perfectly designed so that she felt closer to you no matter where you sat. I would have loved to be standing but the tickets we got were great. I could still see her and the view to the stage was so clear. I loved her support act Icona Pop, I must admit I only know one of their songs but each song they sang became so catchy and it was great.

All her outfits looked incredible, Dark Horse for me was the best designed song on the tour with Katy sitting on a horse ( not a real one) coming up onto the stage. I loved her cat suit for the International smile and Firework was amazing to end the night with. Firework has to be one of my all time favourite songs by her, its a great feel good song. I am a huge Katy Perry fan and If I could I would go to another show on this tour. Just happens shes in Manchester on Saturday and its my birthday next week so just maybe I could see if someone will go with me! I really enjoyed the night and you always leave her concerts feeling happy and shes an inspirational person to so many age ranges. On the dance cam you could see a dad doing his dad dance which was great, everyone cheered him on as he danced. Its a great atmosphere when I see her live, everyone's so happy. 

I went to her California Dreams tour two years ago and that was equally amazing, I love that album so much. I am so pleased she sang I kissed a girl, Firework and California gurls. You can really tell she cares for her fans, when she sang Birthday she got one of her fans on stage who's birthday it was and sang to them whilst they sat in a big chair with a crown on. Its my birthday next week and I secretly wished that was me, she was one lucky birthday girl.

Overall I had a great night, she defiantly never lets you forget her tour and she has your attention all the way through the concert. She is such an inspirational person and I adore her, lots of my friends and family know she is the one artist that I adore and my boyfriend knows very well. I have her album on all the time in my car and he was kind enough to buy me tickets to see her last night for my birthday. 

Are you going to see Katy Perry in her Prismatic Tour?



  1. Wish I can see her in concert one day, she seems like an awesome performer.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. I hope you can too lovely. she really puts on a good show! xx

  2. I like her newer songs more actually and although I mainly prefer different music style I would probably go on her concert because I like her costumes and stage designs. She has everything perfect.

    1. she really has everything spot on at her shows. I love every song no joke :) xxx

  3. looks amazing! I kept upto date with your tweets on the night! x


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