May 03, 2014

Lush Cosmetics - My Top 3 Lush Bath Bombs!

There is nothing better than a Lush bath after a super long day so last week at the Trafford Centre in Manchester I knew exactly what I wanted and where to go first. That shop had to be Lush, as there is no Lush in the town I live. I love going into Lush to pick my products and to smell all the amazing scents. The customer service at this Lush was incredible, the lady who served me was so excited about the new Lush kitchen and she was so polite. I decided on three lush bath bombs but I do wish I got myself some more due to my love of bathing and I have already used them up. 

My favourite of the three is Dragons egg. I absolutely loved the way it slowly released the the colour of the bath bomb. It starts off with a white fizz and slowly bops around the water. Just before it finished it releases an orange citrus gold liquid, which smells amazing. My skin felt incredible after using this one. It also crackles with popping candy in the water which is amazing, I really enjoyed using this one and would defiantly want this as a permanent bath time treat. ps: I used it before taking these images because I simply could not wait for a lush bath! 

The second one I used was the Avobath bath bomb, which made my skin feel super soft. The scent of this one makes it worth every penny, it smells of Lemongrass and has olive oil and avocado to tackle dry skin. Once the bath bomb fizzes out you are left with a grass green bath, which is ok because it is a beautiful lush product. It made bath time perfect and this one is perfect for when your skin needs a pick me up. Perfect to start the day off with, it will make you feel great all day long.

Sakura celebrates Spring with its floral scent, I am a huge fan of anything floral and this scent is perfection. I love everything to do with Spring and Summer, this bath bomb will be perfect for the long Summer days ahead. I love that it is inspired by the cherry blossom in Japan, it makes you feel great and really happy. This one has to be my favourite scent out of the three but all of them work wonders in there own way. I am so pleased I chose such different scents, they all smell amazing. They all are the perfect Lush bomb, I really need to buy myself some more because they complete bath time for me. Dragons egg was so much fun with its popping candy!!


  1. avo wash is the body wash in this bath bomb scent and I love mine!!! great choices lush is addictive lol

  2. Ooo I still haven't tried a bath bomb from LUSH - but I have tried the bubble bar The Comforter which is sooo nice! The Dragon's Egg bath bomb sounds really good too! Gold liquid & popping candy, mmm!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  3. I love lush but haven't yet tried many products! x


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