May 27, 2014

phoenix Rising Lush bath Bomb!

The name of this Lush bath bomb is exciting, it makes you think that the bath will turn amazing colours and look super interesting. It does all this as it slowly releases the purple colour and then just before it completely fizzes away it brings out this gold liquid which then creates amazing swirls in the bath. I loved the colour my bath turned its important for me when I try a Lush bath bomb that it is exciting to use and it actually does something to the water. This ticked all the boxes, it smells amazing and it works wonders on the skin. My skin felt super soft and I felt great after using this bath bomb. I love that it was a fun bath bomb to use. My boyfriend picked this out for me as a surprise when he went to Manchester.

Its a mystical, shimmering purple and green bath bomb. The fragrance of smells exotic fragrances, which is not my favourite scent at all but this worked for me. I am a huge fan of sweet smells rather than strong cinnamon but it smelt great and it was relaxing.  The scent will lift your mood which makes it a great up lifting bath time favourite. I would use this product again as it was an exciting one to use. I love how the shea butter and cocoa made my skin feel amazing and hydrated. I am so pleased with my boyfriends choices from Lush that day and he has done well picking such a great bath bomb.

There is still a few more day to nominate your favourite blogs in the Cosmo blog awards, if you would like to nominate my blog that would mean the world to me. more info here! Thank you to everyone that reads my little blog.


  1. I've been wanting to pick this one up at LUSH forever! I too definitely look for bright colors and relaxing scents in my bombs. So cute that your man picked it out for you!

  2. I just love the blog design :) so pretty!! and I have not actually tried this bathbomb but really want to it sounds ammazinng!! xxx

  3. This sounds lovely, I really want to try it! I think it's cute that your boyfriend picked it out for you :) xx

  4. I haven't been to LUSH for aaaagges! Need to get myself there and pick up one of these! x

  5. it sounds amazing! x


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