June 30, 2014

Budget Friendly Eye shadow Palette.

This has to be one of my all time favourite budget friendly eye shadow palettes. At just £4 you cannot go wrong, the quality and usage you get from this palette amazes me. I have repurchased this palette at least five times since discovering it a couple years ago on a shopping trip to Manchester with Laura. You can pick them up from Superdrug or online which is great. Mua is great for when you are on a budget but need some new make up bits to last you till pay day and beyond. Saying that the quality you get from this eye shadow palette amazes me, its easy to apply and it blends together really well. I use this as my everyday make up looks but if I want to add a bit more darker shades I have to option to do so.

You have so many lovely colours to create a natural look, I love to wear liquid eyeliner so these colours work perfect for my look. I love the natural eye shadow look, its simple but effective. They are soft, blendable and easy to apply quickly, creating the perfect look for any occasion. My three main colours I use for an everyday look are Aurora, Babylon and Myan Dust. The three work together to create the perfect smokey eye look without going over the top with liquid eyeliner too. I wear this to work, events and for simple everyday tasks.

At just £4 I think you cannot go wrong with having this in your make up bag. The packaging is great, easy to keep in your make up bag. Its a great size to take away with you and if you want to keep all your expensive ones at home this would be great as an alternative. I love to use Amazonian Bronze to fill in my eyebrows, it works a treat. You do get an eye shadow applicator with it but I never use them, I love to use my Real Technique brushes to apply my make up. 

Have you tried any product from Mua?

June 29, 2014

My week On Instagram

Pug selfies / Liberty Flowers / Cosmopolitan goodie Bag / 
My Digby / Photo booth fun in London / Meeting Fleur De Force / 
Posing with Cosmopolitan / giraffe Cold smoothie / Monki play suit /
Proud of Lydia Rose / Traveling to London / & Other Stories / 
Primark Haul / Bella loving her new teddy / New Boohoo shoes /

I have to say that this week has been one of the best weeks I have ever had. Attending the Cosmopolitan Super Blogger Master Class was the highlight of my week due to meeting Fleur De Force. She is an incredible, talented and inspiring person so I am so happy i got the chance to tell her I loved her content. She is just as amazing in person as she is online, she gave such great advice too on the panel. It was great to hear her talk about her experiences and how she started in person. The goodie bag we received was amazing too, thank you Cosmopolitan for a great night. If you want to read more about what I got up to click here.

I traveled to Milton Keynes to see Laura and we made a day of it in London. Shopping, photo booths, new clothes and pug hugs sums up my couple days. If you would like to see my full post on some photographs I took of my day click here. 

I purchased a few new things from Boohoo and Primark for my trip to London. Some new pjs and new shoes, the pajamas are amazing. £3 which is a bargain and they have really cute unicorns on them. Super comfy, new pjs are always a must when you travel, do you agree?

I am super proud of Lydia, she won Best personal style ( newcomer ) with Company Magazine. I met Lydia just before we attended a Benefit cosmetics launch a couple months ago. I am so proud of how far she has come in just a few months, amazing and it proves she has true talent. Well done Lydia!! go check out Lydias blog here. 

This week has been full of exciting things, I hope for some more amazing weeks like this one!
what have you been up to this week?

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June 28, 2014

Balance Me - Super Toning Body Cream.

I was lucky enough to be able to try this product out, the lovely team at Balance Me sent me this due to me not being able to attend an event in London that was held the same day I was heading home to the north. I thought that was extra sweet of them to still allow me to try out this lovely product. I must say I am always worried about products that really claim to work wonders and use the words super toning. Saying this I am pleased to say after using this product for over two weeks now I can see a different. After one application my skin felt great, almost warming. Its a great product to use after a hot bath, its soothing and leaves the skin feeling great and it dries super fast too which is a big bonus. 

''A tone- enhancing, circulation boosting, ultra firming body moisturiser softening meadow foam and balancing rice bran oils to target areas prone to dimples and encourage skin to 'bounce back' to super slender smoothness''

I found that this left my skin feeling smooth, moisturised all day long. visible hydrated skin from the first use, I woke up to extra soft skin. When applied the texture of this cream feels great, almost warming. You can feel it doing what its meant to, I am really pleased with this product. After using it every night to really try it out, I can say that this is a wonderful product. Its not a miracle product, I don't look like a Victoria secret model but it works wonders on bringing skin back to its best. Bouncy, smooth, soft looking skin which feels great for hours after application. It feels luxurious, rich and a little goes a long way which I love. I pop on a YouTube video whilst having a pamper night, this product has been in my to use list every night so far. The consistency of the cream is pretty thick but I love how great that feels on the skin.

First impressions, I loved the packaging its lovely and bright which made me instantly excited about it. The smell of this product reminds me of other balance Me products which is great, I love the smell of them. They do amazing products which I have so many that I already love so i really wanted this to be a great product, luckily it is. I am so happy I got the chance to try it because i would usually ignore something that says toning on it. It works a treat and it feels great on the skin, the results are amazing. 

Thank you Balance me for such a great product, have you tried this product?


June 27, 2014

& Other Stories - Sugar Crush Body Scrub

 & Other Stories
Sugar Crush Body Scrub £7

When I was in London Laura insisted we had to go to & Other Stories, I've heard a lot about this shop but never had the chance to go in. It was heavenly, it was so worth the hunt down just before we had lunch. There was a 50% sale on a few of the scrubs, hand wash and creams, so that was an incentive to purchase something no matter what. It took us a while to decide on what to purchase but we both just had to get something, I decided on this gorgeous scented body scrub. The scent of this body scrub is literally perfection in a tub, I am usually a sweet scent type of person but this is perfect. It is a perfect pamper night scrub, it really helps to smooth out your skin and make you feel incredible.

This luscious scent leaves the skin super polished and smelling perfect. I am so pleased I decided on a bath time product because after a long day traveling all you want to do is just in the bath and get into your comfy pjs. This product certainly brought me back to life after a long train home, the smell left my skin feeling great and smelling great. How to use this product, all you have to do is smooth over damp skin, rub it in and wash off. 

Delicate jasmine petals and lightly sprinkle brown sugar. I love how in the light this product sparkles, its a great looking product. You can smell the twist of lime juice in the scent which brings it to life, perfect for the summer months to get the perfect base to apply fake tan. I love to use this product on nights that I want to pamper myself, its one of those products you want to keep forever. Its a great little addiction to my body scrub collection, I have so many that I love to use. This one is one of the best body scrubs I have ever used, I may need to go online to purchase more. 

You can get this scent in a soup and cream form, which is something I am looking into right now whilst typing up this post. The texture of this product feels amazing on the skin, I love the added ingredient of lime to freshen it up and the brown sugar to really polish the skin. If I was you I would head over to the website and make a little cheeky purchase whilst its in the sale.

Have you tried this product?

June 26, 2014

London Snaps

I stayed in Milton Keynes from Sunday to Tuesday morning but on Monday myself and Laura headed into London. We were there for the Cosmopolitan Super blogger event but we decided to make the day of it. If you want to read more about the event head over to my blog post on it here. I was lucky enough to meet Fleur De Force there as she was on the panel, we had an amazing night.  Starting off my couple days of fun i headed to Laura flat in Milton Keynes on the Sunday after work from the North. We had a girly night painting our nails and chatting about llife and blogging, as Laura is my best friend and best blogging friend we have so much to catch up on, she will be moving back north soon which I am super excited about. No trip is complete without a yummy Costa drink, this is the first thing we did just before getting on the train to London, I have no idea how I am holding the wrong ticket as I just used this to get through the barriers. You have to upload a quick snap of your drink while you are traveling so head over to my Instagram for more photos of my travels to London. One of the most amazing things about staying with Laura is that she has the cutest little pug in the world, just before heading out I decided to try take a photo with Tilly pug but all she wanted to do was be cute and try kiss me. I love her so much, she is a right princess but in a really funny, good way. 

 Tilly was really sleepy from all the excitement of me visiting and she was relaxing whilst we got ready to head into London. We wanted to perfect our make up and outfits for the trip into London, as we had a full day to fit everything in. We headed to an exhibition on brick Lane, which I was part of last year just before graduating. It was lovely to see what the students had done for their final work this year and it was great to see some of my tutors again, they are awesome. 

 Look at all the beautiful flowers outside of Liberty, If I lived nearer I would have wanted so many for my home. All the colours and the smell of them was just heaven, we decided to nip in and look at all the beauty products that we wish we could buy. We headed to Monki to find some new summer clothes, Laura found some beautiful shorts and tops. I decided on a play suit for the event which I changed into straight away. It made me feel less overheated too which was a bonus, it was a lovely sunny day. This is my first ever play suit but when I tried it on I knew I just had to buy it. The price was great too, its only £18 but the bargain of the day was a jumper in the sale for £8. I will do an outfit post with the items I purchased soon for you. I think i may have to go online to buy a few more things from Monki. I had to do the outfit picture in the changing rooms for my Instagram, I love to update my Instagram throughout my adventures. 

For dinner we headed to Vapianos which was great, a cold drink and Italian food is perfect. I actually ordered Carbonara but for some reason he made me this with tomato sauce instead, luckily I really enjoyed it, it gave me the energy to head back out shopping.

Just before heading over to Pimlico for the event we stopped off at Giraffe for a fresh cold drink. This did the trick and we headed over to the event feeling refreshed. I had a great day in London and I hope for some more in the future. There is just so much to do and see, head over to my blog post of the event to see what we got up to the rest of the night.


June 25, 2014

Cosmopolitan Super Blogger master Class 2014

 On Monday morning myself and Laura headed into London for the Cosmopolitan Super blogger event. We decided to make the day of it due to me coming from the North to stay with Laura for a couple nights in Milton Keynes. I will be doing s separate post on what we got up to in London soon, so keep an eye out for that. When we got to the event in Pimlico we were greeted with a glass of champagne or fresh orange juice, I decided on the orange juice due to London feeling very humid. An ice cold drink was just what I needed before going into the event. 
 I am a huge fan of Cosmopolitan magazine so it was amazing to attend this event to learn more about the blogging world. It was incredible to hear Fleur De Force talk about her experience in person, I watch all her videos on You Tube and I read her blog so it was great to hear her advice. I noted down so many great tips and advice in my note pad, I felt very inspired. It was amazing to hear from everyone on the panel, so many great tips. Some useful quotes too which I will save to help me stay motivated and inspired. Sometimes blogging can get overwhelming but like Fleur said on the panel that there is always room for a new blogger. We all bring something different to our blogs and there is always room on the internet. I loved that if you create content you love, the right audience for you will soon find you. Be yourself and be weird, people like you will find you. Start writing down every blog achievement in a note pad to keep you feeling inspired. 

 "It's important to build up a good presence on all forms of social media, focusing on your blog is great but a huge amount of readers doesn't always reflect good blog stats - brands love to see you working with them via Instagram/Twitter as they are 'here & now' whereas a blog post can take a while to create!"

"Be consistent, be persistent & be yourself"

''Be yourself, be weird, because the people who are weird like you will find you''

Thank you Cosmopolitan for this amazing goodie bag!
 You could tell how passionate Fleur and kat were about their blogs, it felt good to hear everything they had to offer. They have given me the motivation to know that I should never give up, even when I feel like I can never compete with the big bloggers. We all bring something new to the blogging world and if you are wanting to start a blog, do it. I have never approached a brand and asked to work with them but we got some great advice on how to if we wanted to work on a project with them. We also got some great advice on how to use social media to promote our blogs, spending time to promote your blog on the right platforms and we got some useful websites to keep in mind too.

I was lucky enough to meet Fleur De Force towards the end of the event. I think she is a great, inspiring and very talented person. She was amazing, waiting behind to answer any questions we had and she looked beautiful. I told her that I loved her content and that we saw her shopping. Of all people to see twice in one day in London. Its always scary to meet someone that you admire but she is just as amazing in person as she is online. Thank you Fleur for posing for so many photographs and for being so welcoming to anyone that wanted to talk to you. 

I had a great time at this event, I am so pleased that I attended it. I have learnt so many useful tips and the advice we received made me feel so inspired. Look out for my post on what I got up to during the day in London.


June 21, 2014

The Perfect Bikini - Can I Book A Holiday Now Please?

On the 29th of May I attended the South Beach Summer event where we got to see all the new pieces. I wrote a full post about my night, I had so much fun meeting so many new bloggers. The cocktails at Lolas in the Northern Quarter were perfection, just what you needed for the beach party theme. South Beach ran a competition, you could win your favourite pieces if you write a great review about the night. I was kindly chosen by South Beach, I never win anything so I was super excited to have won. I was able to chose two of my favourite pieces from their website. 

It took me a while to chose the pieces that I would like, there is so much choice on the website. I loved every single bikini and everything else on the website so it was a hard decision. I am so pleased with the two bikinis I chose, all I need to do now is book a holiday. I wont be showing you how they look on unless I have a great tan and I'm on a beautiful beach. Maybe by the end of the year I can do a little holiday photo look book for you guys but we will have to see. 

What got me excited about these bikinis is the print, I love anything with a great print on it. The cute umbrella print caught my eye at the event, the colours fit my style perfectly. When I tried them on I was super pleased to see that the style of both of them are super flattering. I would love to weight a little less than I do but don't we all want to change something about ourselves. I find the high waist briefs flatter my body shape, I love that the top then comes just a few inches above the bottoms. Showing a small amount of tummy can work wonders on a figure. I love how different they are as well, I will never get bored of wearing these bikinis. I love how you have to slide the floral bustier over your head, there is no clips at the back to fasten. I find that this style makes sure that it stays on and it fits well. 

 I love floral, anything with a great floral print on it works for me, I find that the Samantha bloom bikini has the right amount of pattern and colour. It comes across as a beautiful painted print which I love. I think in the sunshine these bikinis would stand out from the rest, the quality of them is amazing. I love how soft they feel, they sit well onto the body which is a bonus. You feel very secure in them which is what you need on the beach or when you go swimming. I am excited to wear these to the gym pool for now until I can wear them on the beach, bring on my toned body. I wish but i will go swimming more with these beauties as a motivation. I think they are a great price for what you get, I think these bikinis are one of the best I have ever owned. The quality and fit works wonders, I cannot fault these bikinis at all. Thank you South Beach for announcing me as your blog post winner, I love these bikinis so much and am super excited for future holidays.

Have you got a holiday booked?

June 20, 2014

The Perfect View For A Picnic!

Last week Thursday Katy, Mark, Rob and myself set off on a very long walk up to a tower near where we live. It was a much needed day of fresh air, catch ups and sunshine, the view at the top was amazing. Well worth the walk up all those stairs, it felt like a very long way when I had a cold, I could not breath. I enjoy going on long walks, you feel like you have done something amazing that day. The air, exercise makes you feel 100 times better, our dogs had a great time too. They get on so well, Bella cried every time Pennie got a bit far from her which was super cute because on walks Bella usually ignores everything but her tennis ball. 

At the top of the hill we decided to have a picnic, which was an amazing idea. The view was amazing, just what you needed to see after climbing all those stairs. Katy made muffins the night before and they were perfection, Bella wanted my muffin rather than the dog chew. 

Bella can be really soft when it comes to swimming, so Katy and Mark tried to teach her that it was fine to swim further out. She tried and her legs went all over the place which made us all laugh. She tried bless her, she likes to feel something under her feet rather than just swimming. She is a little madam but that makes us all laugh, she had a great time. I love it when Bella has fun, it makes my day. She ended up full of mud but I love that, it means shes having fun and when we get home I know she will be exhausted. I think it took Bella two days to re cover from this walk, she is such a softy. We all had a great time, we love to walk our dogs together on nice days or even hide under trees when it rains. This place is amazing, its one of my all time favorite places to walk Bella. Its so peaceful and beautiful, perfect for a long day out with our dogs. 

Days like this make me very happy, we should do this more often :)

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