June 28, 2014

Balance Me - Super Toning Body Cream.

I was lucky enough to be able to try this product out, the lovely team at Balance Me sent me this due to me not being able to attend an event in London that was held the same day I was heading home to the north. I thought that was extra sweet of them to still allow me to try out this lovely product. I must say I am always worried about products that really claim to work wonders and use the words super toning. Saying this I am pleased to say after using this product for over two weeks now I can see a different. After one application my skin felt great, almost warming. Its a great product to use after a hot bath, its soothing and leaves the skin feeling great and it dries super fast too which is a big bonus. 

''A tone- enhancing, circulation boosting, ultra firming body moisturiser softening meadow foam and balancing rice bran oils to target areas prone to dimples and encourage skin to 'bounce back' to super slender smoothness''

I found that this left my skin feeling smooth, moisturised all day long. visible hydrated skin from the first use, I woke up to extra soft skin. When applied the texture of this cream feels great, almost warming. You can feel it doing what its meant to, I am really pleased with this product. After using it every night to really try it out, I can say that this is a wonderful product. Its not a miracle product, I don't look like a Victoria secret model but it works wonders on bringing skin back to its best. Bouncy, smooth, soft looking skin which feels great for hours after application. It feels luxurious, rich and a little goes a long way which I love. I pop on a YouTube video whilst having a pamper night, this product has been in my to use list every night so far. The consistency of the cream is pretty thick but I love how great that feels on the skin.

First impressions, I loved the packaging its lovely and bright which made me instantly excited about it. The smell of this product reminds me of other balance Me products which is great, I love the smell of them. They do amazing products which I have so many that I already love so i really wanted this to be a great product, luckily it is. I am so happy I got the chance to try it because i would usually ignore something that says toning on it. It works a treat and it feels great on the skin, the results are amazing. 

Thank you Balance me for such a great product, have you tried this product?



  1. Sounds like this is a great addition to your skincare routine. I love using Body Lotions & if I can get one that does a little extra too then I am all for it. I bet this is a great product to get the skin Summer Ready!

  2. I'm not really sure I believe in things like this but it might be worth giving it a go! x


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