June 03, 2014

How I style An Oversized Turn back Tee!

Bowler Hat: Topshop

 Jacket: H&M
Leggings: BooHoo £4

 Primark Necklace: £3
 Bella wanted to get in on the outfit post. She looks great styling the latest Pets At Home collar! 

So I fancied doing something a little different on my blog today. I recently made a birthday purchase to Boohoo. I love everything Boohoo has to offer and would love my wardrobe to overflow with all the clothes, the dream. I decided I needed a few essentials such as over sized tops and new leggings. I purchased a couple of these over sized tops to go over leggings or style them with Topshop jeans. I love being comfy, that is my main goal when I look for new clothes, I cannot stand feeling uncomfortable in something. I like to wear clothes that flatter my body shape otherwise I feel awful all day. This hot pink top works wonders with leggings, jeans and shorts. You can tuck them into your jeans for a different look or wear them lose over leggings. Today I am wearing mine with my new soft leggings from Boohoo, which is a bargain price for just £4. I love to wear leggings, they are comfy and I like to style my top half with the bold colours rather than my legs. These oversized tops would be perfect for holidays, I love how bright they are. I love to wear lots of colour in the Summer. 

I am obsessed with Primark jewelry at the moment, I picked this gold chain up for just £3. I have worn it since with so many outfits, it goes well with dresses too. I wore it with my green dress I got from Topshop for my birthday. There is a photo on my Instagram of the dress but if this post goes down well I may do more outfit style posts. I really enjoyed doing this one, I love fashion but tend to shy away from it on my blog. I see all the fashion blog posts and wish I could dress like they do, they inspire me to try it out more myself. 

I am obsessed with my new Primark boots, I love the cut outs on the side. This is what drew me to them when they were on the shelf. I never wear heels due to not being used to them but I wore these boots to the South beach blogger event on Thursday last week and loved them. I cannot believe how comfy they are, super easy to walk in too. They have a similar pair in Topshop which are stunning but my budget won't stretch to those beauties just yet. I am so pleased with my find, they have a cute zip on the back of them to slide them onto your feet. There is no need to undo the buckles on the side either. I am loving these boots more than any shoe I have ever purchased, I love to wear them with my Topshop jeans. You can dress casual for the cinema or you can wear them for a night out, super easy to style and for me they complete my outfit. They make me a little taller too which is a bonus when I am 5'3 and my boyfriend is just over 6.

I wear my bowler hat to a lot of events and museum visits just because I love it. I love how it completes my outfits and give it just that little bit more of style. its easy to wear and comfy which is great, nothing worse than your hat falling off all day. This one I got from Topshop a couple years ago but they still sell bowler hats online and in store. My jacket is from H&M which I purchased a few years ago too, it has been one of my main pieces in my wardrobe for a while now. I love to wear it with dresses and jeans. 

So this is how I wear my over sized tops, they are easy to wear and comfortable too. I am so pleased I got this top in orange, pink and black. When I go to London at the end of this month I will be packing these for sure, along with my beautiful new boots. I will be doing a full post around my new boots soon, so keep an eye out for that. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, its something different for me to do on my blog. I enjoyed it and let me know if I should try do more!



  1. love your leather jacket! x

  2. I would love to see more OOTD posts on your blog! I love BooHoo so much at the moment. Made two orders from them recently and everything was lovely.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. haha aww bella! Love those shoes!

  4. The boots look really cool. Stephen :o)


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