June 30, 2014

Budget Friendly Eye shadow Palette.

This has to be one of my all time favourite budget friendly eye shadow palettes. At just £4 you cannot go wrong, the quality and usage you get from this palette amazes me. I have repurchased this palette at least five times since discovering it a couple years ago on a shopping trip to Manchester with Laura. You can pick them up from Superdrug or online which is great. Mua is great for when you are on a budget but need some new make up bits to last you till pay day and beyond. Saying that the quality you get from this eye shadow palette amazes me, its easy to apply and it blends together really well. I use this as my everyday make up looks but if I want to add a bit more darker shades I have to option to do so.

You have so many lovely colours to create a natural look, I love to wear liquid eyeliner so these colours work perfect for my look. I love the natural eye shadow look, its simple but effective. They are soft, blendable and easy to apply quickly, creating the perfect look for any occasion. My three main colours I use for an everyday look are Aurora, Babylon and Myan Dust. The three work together to create the perfect smokey eye look without going over the top with liquid eyeliner too. I wear this to work, events and for simple everyday tasks.

At just £4 I think you cannot go wrong with having this in your make up bag. The packaging is great, easy to keep in your make up bag. Its a great size to take away with you and if you want to keep all your expensive ones at home this would be great as an alternative. I love to use Amazonian Bronze to fill in my eyebrows, it works a treat. You do get an eye shadow applicator with it but I never use them, I love to use my Real Technique brushes to apply my make up. 

Have you tried any product from Mua?


  1. I purchased 2 MUA palettes on Friday, a contour shade and the new Luxe Velvet Lip Laquers, which I also love. I don't think I got this one though. One had more gold tones and the other more pinks, which are so beautiful. Collectively, they have all the shades from the Urban Decay Naked palettes, except for a fraction of the price (even if you purchased all of them) and the quality is still great! Fab post!

    Blogdesherrell.com - UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog x

  2. These are all very shimmery, but so wearable! This is such a great price for quality shadows. I believe Maybelline is coming out with an affordable nude palette called The Nudes soon - keep your eyes out for that as well!

  3. I bought this recently, haven't worn it a lot but from what I have worn of it I love it and so cheap. You can't really go wrong. x www.katesperks.blogspot.ie

  4. gorgeous shades x

  5. I absolutely love the eyeshadow palettes from MUA, I have Undressed which has some really amazing shades in it! I really want to try this one as well!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  6. This palette looks like it has some great colours :)



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