June 12, 2014

Lush - Herbalism Cleanser

I have loved using this Lush product for about two months now. I love the product as a whole, it does what it says and it works wonders on my skin. You can use this product on your whole body but it works wonders on my face. It gently exfoliates the skin when mixed with water. The almonds in this product is gentle on the skin by turning into soft almond milk. The colour of this product is amazing too, it doesn't smell like a typical Lush product to me. It still amazes me though because it revitalises the skin, it leaves the skin feeling 100% cleans and grease free. You start off with a small amount of product, you then add some water to it to create a softer texture to apply to the skin. It's very chunky on the skin but it glides on perfectly, I leave this on for around 5 minutes. Once you wash it off you can instantly feel the difference. I love to use this after taking all my make up off, after my face mask to make sure all grease and dirt has been removed. It leaves my skin super clean to apply my favourite face creams. I love to use this in the morning just before applying my make up for the day, it helps to start the day off perfectly with clean skin.

Nettles, rosemary and rice bran vinegar work to cleanse the skin, this removes the dirt and grease. Leaving you with bright, glowing skin, Chamomile blue oil and rose absolute are used in this product to balance skin tone. Rice bran and ground almonds work together to exfoliates the skin. overall this is a miracle product that I would buy again in the future. This product lasts a while too so you get your money worth. I have used this every two days and found that I have hardly made a dent  in the product, with the use of two months. I am enjoying using this product its different and works wonders on removing my make up. My skin is left perfectly clean which is what you want when you are going to sleep. Not a bad price to pay for a product that is fun to use and works well. Have you tried this product before?



  1. I've never tried Lush products I don't have one near my town and order online is just a big doubt since i don't know which products are better for me. This one seems to be a really good one to try and I'll add to my wishlist if I can go to a Lush I'll give it a try! :) Awesome review xx

    Mary, http://marybloomy.blogspot.pt/

  2. Great review! Really makes me want to try it! xxx

  3. love Lush! x


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