June 01, 2014

May Favourites 2014.

 Primark: pastel Necklace £5
Gold Necklace: £3

May has to be my favourite month out of the whole year, it is my birthday month which makes it extra special. I always have something planned in May that I can look forward to and this year it was seeing Katy Perry in concert. I went to her tour in 2011 and that was amazing, this tour is the Prismatic World tour and it was incredible. I was lucky enough to go twice due to it being birthday gifts and Rob knows I am a huge KP fan. The first time it was incredible to see all the lights and show but the second time we managed to get seats on the right hand side of the stage, seated right next to the screen and amazing view of the stage. The second time we could see her waiting to come back up on stage, we could see the dancers leave the stage and come back waiting for their turn to re join. It was such an amazing show, read more here on the blog post I did about it all with photographs. Best birthday present ever being able to see her live again and again, I left the concert with a big smile on my face!

Benefit Launch and Push Up Liner: I have been loving doing my eye liner with the Benefit push up liner which will be in stores in June, read my full review here. I was lucky enough to attend the Benefit launch party for this new exciting product, I have been loving using it. I used it to attend the Katy Perry concert, I used it to attend the South Beach event too. I love that it is water proof so it looks great hours after you apply it. I love how easy it is to apply, I tend to struggle to get my flicks to match but with this product it is super easy. I use the Benefit remover to take it off which makes it super easy to remove due to it being water proof. I had a great time at the Benefit launch and met so many amazing bloggers.

The Body Shop: I have been loving two products from the Body Shop, both exfoliate and make the skin feel amazing. The first one I have been loving is the Vineyard peach cream body scrub, it smells amazing as you would expect for a body shop product. Its so soft on the skin when you apply it and it leaves my skin soft and smelling great. I love how gentle both of them are but still do the job perfectly. The second one has a jam like texture which is fun and it smells equally good. ( Full Review

Batiste Dry Shampoo: I have been a huge fan of this product for many years now. I love to use it just before I go to bed to wake up to perfectly soft hair. Even if I have washed my hair I still love to use this to give it an extra boost of freshness. It is a firm beauty favourite of mine all year round and I love the fruity, cheeky cherry smell. 

Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation: This has to be my new foundation favourite, I will be doing a full review on this one soon. I love how soft it is on my skin, you don't feel like you are wearing foundation. It gives of a smooth look to my skin. It says it gives off a 100% poreless look and an airbrushed finish. This is true it does make my skin look super healthy and glowing, which I love. I got mine in number 10 Ivory and I would re purchase this one. 

Kate Moss Rimmel: I am a huge fan of the Rimmel products, it is my go to drug store brand without a doubt. I am loving the shade 110, it is a fun orange lipstick to wear in the Summer. I want to do a full make up look using this lipstick for you soon. I love the quality and feel of the Kate Moss lipsticks, they don't dry out on your lips which I love. 

Katy Perry Killer Queen: This has to be one of my favourite birthday presents to go with my Katy Perry tour tickets. I am loving this perfume so much right now and will do a full review soon on it. I love the shape of the bottle and the fact its KP.

Rimmel Quad Eye shadow: I have a full review of this eye shadow quad up soon on my blog but I wanted to show you which eye shadows are my go to every day products. i am loving the colours in this quad, each one is usable and the quality of them are great. This is the 019 Sun Safari quad, I think these colours would look great on tanned skin on holiday or for a little bit of shimmer for a day out in the sunshine. I have been using this eye shadow quad most days, it works to build up a small amount for the lazy days or a great look for nights out.

Lush: I also have a full review of this product coming up on my blog but I wanted to show you a Lush product I have been loving. I usually have lost of bath bombs that I love but this is something different for me. I got it as a gift from my boyfriend, he chose it for me which is cute. it is the Herbalism face and body cleanser. The smell of it is not something you would want to keep smelling when it is in the pot but the product itself has worked wonders on my skin. It is a fun cleanser to use, all you have to do is take a small amount then add water to it on your hand. You then cover you face and body with it, afterwards your skin feels soft and exfoliated. I love the fact that it is bright green, this is something that I have enjoyed using most nights.

Nails: I have been loving the Clear'd for take off top coat by Sally Hansen and Snow White by Angelica which you can buy in Primark. I saw the Angelica nail polish on sale in Primark for £1, usually around £2.50, so I thought why the hell not. It has been the only nail polish that I have been wanting to wear this month. It is great, I love the Angelica nail range at primark. The quality is great, it looks good on the nails and it last at least 4 days. White nail polish has been my go to nail colour this month. 

Primark: I thought I would show you the two jewelry pieces I have been loving this month. As it was my birthday on Thursday I wanted to buy a few bits this month for my blog events and birthday meals. I got the pastel statement necklace first from Primark to wear to the Benefit Launch in London, I have been wearing it non stop since. Its great to add to simple outfits to glam it up a little and its comfy to wear too. I also have been loving this gold chain, I got it for £3 which is a bargain. I have been wearing it with plain baggy tops and leggings or dressing it up to wear out for cocktails with my green Topshop dress. ( photo on Instagram )

Blog/ YouTube: I love to share with you blogs, YouTubers I have been loving this month. I have been loving reading Lydia Rose blog, I met her at the beginning of May and we went to the Benefit launch together. She is an amazing girl and she works so hard on her blog, every post I have been reading and loving so head over to have a look. She is up for a Company award for her blog, go and wish her good luck and the YouTuber I have been loving watching this month has to be velvet ghost

Life: May has to be my all time favourite month, I had a great birthday and I have met so many amazing bloggers this month. I am so pleased that I have pushed myself to go to events and meet new people. I can be shy when I don't know you but I feel like my blog has given me the confidence to just get out there and try. I am so pleased I pushed myself to go to London and Manchester for blog events. I will make a list of all the amazing bloggers I met soon on a blog post for you. Seeing Katy Perry made my month so special, As you can tell I am a big fan of her. I loved attending the Benefit Launch to see their new push up liner and on Thursday I attended the South Beach Summer event to see their new bikinis. It was a great event filled with so many lovely bloggers, nail bar, cocktails. This month has been great and I hope to attend more events so I can meet up with the beautiful blog ladies again soon!!
I wish I was brave enough to start YouTube, sorry that this is a long blog post but let me know if you read it all to the end in the comments! <3 What have you been loving this month?



  1. great picks! Love the necklaces x

  2. Great mini reviews of your favorites! The new benefit eyeliner looks intriguing, may give it a go after I finish all my the other eyeliners!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  3. I LOVE Baptiste! Best invention ever, I got a sample of the cherry one the other day, love the smell :)
    Love the Rimmel eye shadow colours too!

    MissPond x

  4. So many favorites of mine from yours as well! :)
    and those necklaces from Primark.. so cheap! but they look so good :) love them!



  5. I have the Katy Perry scent in a rollerball and it is so nice! I love it! Great post.


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