June 27, 2014

& Other Stories - Sugar Crush Body Scrub

 & Other Stories
Sugar Crush Body Scrub £7

When I was in London Laura insisted we had to go to & Other Stories, I've heard a lot about this shop but never had the chance to go in. It was heavenly, it was so worth the hunt down just before we had lunch. There was a 50% sale on a few of the scrubs, hand wash and creams, so that was an incentive to purchase something no matter what. It took us a while to decide on what to purchase but we both just had to get something, I decided on this gorgeous scented body scrub. The scent of this body scrub is literally perfection in a tub, I am usually a sweet scent type of person but this is perfect. It is a perfect pamper night scrub, it really helps to smooth out your skin and make you feel incredible.

This luscious scent leaves the skin super polished and smelling perfect. I am so pleased I decided on a bath time product because after a long day traveling all you want to do is just in the bath and get into your comfy pjs. This product certainly brought me back to life after a long train home, the smell left my skin feeling great and smelling great. How to use this product, all you have to do is smooth over damp skin, rub it in and wash off. 

Delicate jasmine petals and lightly sprinkle brown sugar. I love how in the light this product sparkles, its a great looking product. You can smell the twist of lime juice in the scent which brings it to life, perfect for the summer months to get the perfect base to apply fake tan. I love to use this product on nights that I want to pamper myself, its one of those products you want to keep forever. Its a great little addiction to my body scrub collection, I have so many that I love to use. This one is one of the best body scrubs I have ever used, I may need to go online to purchase more. 

You can get this scent in a soup and cream form, which is something I am looking into right now whilst typing up this post. The texture of this product feels amazing on the skin, I love the added ingredient of lime to freshen it up and the brown sugar to really polish the skin. If I was you I would head over to the website and make a little cheeky purchase whilst its in the sale.

Have you tried this product?


  1. This sounds great - I love the scent of jasmine petals! Such a fab price too :)

    Style Sunrise


  2. great price! x


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