June 21, 2014

The Perfect Bikini - Can I Book A Holiday Now Please?

On the 29th of May I attended the South Beach Summer event where we got to see all the new pieces. I wrote a full post about my night, I had so much fun meeting so many new bloggers. The cocktails at Lolas in the Northern Quarter were perfection, just what you needed for the beach party theme. South Beach ran a competition, you could win your favourite pieces if you write a great review about the night. I was kindly chosen by South Beach, I never win anything so I was super excited to have won. I was able to chose two of my favourite pieces from their website. 

It took me a while to chose the pieces that I would like, there is so much choice on the website. I loved every single bikini and everything else on the website so it was a hard decision. I am so pleased with the two bikinis I chose, all I need to do now is book a holiday. I wont be showing you how they look on unless I have a great tan and I'm on a beautiful beach. Maybe by the end of the year I can do a little holiday photo look book for you guys but we will have to see. 

What got me excited about these bikinis is the print, I love anything with a great print on it. The cute umbrella print caught my eye at the event, the colours fit my style perfectly. When I tried them on I was super pleased to see that the style of both of them are super flattering. I would love to weight a little less than I do but don't we all want to change something about ourselves. I find the high waist briefs flatter my body shape, I love that the top then comes just a few inches above the bottoms. Showing a small amount of tummy can work wonders on a figure. I love how different they are as well, I will never get bored of wearing these bikinis. I love how you have to slide the floral bustier over your head, there is no clips at the back to fasten. I find that this style makes sure that it stays on and it fits well. 

 I love floral, anything with a great floral print on it works for me, I find that the Samantha bloom bikini has the right amount of pattern and colour. It comes across as a beautiful painted print which I love. I think in the sunshine these bikinis would stand out from the rest, the quality of them is amazing. I love how soft they feel, they sit well onto the body which is a bonus. You feel very secure in them which is what you need on the beach or when you go swimming. I am excited to wear these to the gym pool for now until I can wear them on the beach, bring on my toned body. I wish but i will go swimming more with these beauties as a motivation. I think they are a great price for what you get, I think these bikinis are one of the best I have ever owned. The quality and fit works wonders, I cannot fault these bikinis at all. Thank you South Beach for announcing me as your blog post winner, I love these bikinis so much and am super excited for future holidays.

Have you got a holiday booked?


  1. These are both gorgeous. Unfortunately I have nothing booked :(
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. ohmygoodness that second bathing suit is stunning and so freaking flattering
    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  3. Eeee so nice! I can't believe I won the instagram comp aswell, lucky us...definitely going to be posting about my bikinis too!


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