June 20, 2014

The Perfect View For A Picnic!

Last week Thursday Katy, Mark, Rob and myself set off on a very long walk up to a tower near where we live. It was a much needed day of fresh air, catch ups and sunshine, the view at the top was amazing. Well worth the walk up all those stairs, it felt like a very long way when I had a cold, I could not breath. I enjoy going on long walks, you feel like you have done something amazing that day. The air, exercise makes you feel 100 times better, our dogs had a great time too. They get on so well, Bella cried every time Pennie got a bit far from her which was super cute because on walks Bella usually ignores everything but her tennis ball. 

At the top of the hill we decided to have a picnic, which was an amazing idea. The view was amazing, just what you needed to see after climbing all those stairs. Katy made muffins the night before and they were perfection, Bella wanted my muffin rather than the dog chew. 

Bella can be really soft when it comes to swimming, so Katy and Mark tried to teach her that it was fine to swim further out. She tried and her legs went all over the place which made us all laugh. She tried bless her, she likes to feel something under her feet rather than just swimming. She is a little madam but that makes us all laugh, she had a great time. I love it when Bella has fun, it makes my day. She ended up full of mud but I love that, it means shes having fun and when we get home I know she will be exhausted. I think it took Bella two days to re cover from this walk, she is such a softy. We all had a great time, we love to walk our dogs together on nice days or even hide under trees when it rains. This place is amazing, its one of my all time favorite places to walk Bella. Its so peaceful and beautiful, perfect for a long day out with our dogs. 

Days like this make me very happy, we should do this more often :)

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  2. wow! What a beautiful view!



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