June 07, 2014

Wardrobe Update #1: Primark Summer Boots

 Primark: £18

Just before my birthday celebrations I decided to nip into Primark to look for a blog vent worthy outfit. I came across these beauties whilst browsing very angel of Primark, even though I was only going in for a dress. I came out with these cut out boots, I have seen a similar shoe in Topshop. I have been on the hunt for a comfy but smart boot to wear to events and to dress up my outfits just a little. I wore these to the South Beach summer event last Thursday and it made me feel 100% better about my outfit. I decided to wear grey Topshop jeans, a black and white stripy vest with a bright red blazer on top. I must admit every time I try to dress up I feel awful about myself, which is most likely all in my head. I doubt people would judge my outfit as much as I am judging myself? I felt super comfy wearing these boots, I was worried about them hurting or me falling over in front of everyone. Non of these things happened, I was comfortable walking in them all day. I got a train where I live in the North West and took a 45 minute train to Manchester in them. This is a huge deal for me as I usually cannot walk 5 minutes in heels. 

I love that they are an affordable update to my wardrobe which gives me a smart and casual shoe to wear. You can style them with cute floral dresses for the Summer and they look great when you wear jeans. I need a little help with my height, being 5'3 I tend to feel very short around my boyfriend and a lot of people, these give me just the right amount of height which is a bonus right? 

I love the zip detail on the back, you use the zips to get them onto your feet. There is no need to undo the buckles on the sides. I love the cut outs on these shoes, it is what drew them to me. It gives the boot a different look to them, I love how they look on with the cut outs. I always struggle to find the perfect boot, one that I can wear comfortably with a little height. These are my all time favourite boots to wear, they suit me which is a bonus and an affordable update to my wardrobe. You can wear them with tights, they look fine to me as I do like to wear tights with dresses. I was worried the cut out detail would look odd but they seem to look fine with black tights which is great. Overall an amazing purchase with the money I got for my birthday and I can now wear these to most of my events planned. Even though they are a black boot I find I will still get a lot of use out of them this Summer, they look great with bright dresses and pale jeans. The cut outs make them seem a little more warm weather appropriate.



  1. they're lovely x

  2. Really cool boots and you can't argue with the price, amazing value. Stephen :o)

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  4. These look great, I love the cut out! xx


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