July 19, 2014

Blogosphere Magazine Issue 4 - Louis Cole

You might be aware from day one of this magazine being released I have been a fan, from issue one I was hooked. Issue one had Essie Button on the cover which caught my eye at first but I also knew it would be great to have a magazine showcasing so many amazing bloggers. I love that there is a huge variety of bloggers in this magazine, it doesn't focus on one style. We all have something to offer to the blog world and so does this magazine, every issue is spot on. I love to buy it because it helps me feel inspired by so many amazing bloggers and for me there is nothing else like it. 

Issue three was also one of my favourites due to Fleur being on the cover, she is one my all time favourite bloggers as well as Youtuber. Every page has something new to offer you and I love the layout of the magazine. Each style of blog such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle have there own section. It flows very well throughout the magazine, I love the advice sections and interviews. This issue has Louis Cole on the cover well known as Fun For Louis. I sit down to read this as soon as it comes through my door, I read from page to page. I like to keep them safe on my book shelf, its great to be able to look back at them and find inspiration. I love it when a blog inspires you, you know that is a great thing. 

This issue I loved the story on Rise of the teen blogger, its great to see blogs inspiring young people to write. I wish I started my blog way back when I was 16, its become a massive part of my life and my true passion. We all have something to offer to the blog world, there is never too many blogs. I would highly recommend you start one if that's what you want to do. Go for it and see how it goes, if it is your passion it will shine through on your blog. we all can inspire each other and help each other. 

You can get Blogosphere magazine in print form or digital, the e book is £3 and the print is 4. I love to buy the magazine so that I can keep it on my shelf but sometimes I am tempted to buy it on my Ipad so that I know I have it with me when I travel on the train. Delivery is super fast once it has been announced that the new issue is available which is great because once I have purchased the magazine I want to read it as soon as I can. 

Overall great advice, you find some amazing blogs through it and it inspires you. What more could you want in a magazine? I think they deserve all the success in the world, they work super hard on every issue!

Twitter: @blogospherem

What do you think of this magazine?

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  1. I recently bulk ordered the first 4 issues. I like that each editor suggests blogs every issue, so I can constantly explore new blogs. I'm excited to get reading!

    Row Bow
    What Row Chose...

  2. Ooh I didn't know about this magazine, might have to start reading them! Really glad you wrote this post :)

    Frankie x

  3. I just bought them in eBook form, they're such a good read :)


  4. I remember seeing Louis shoot this :) x


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