July 03, 2014

June Favourites 2014

I cannot believe how fast June went by, I even forgot to change my calendar on my wall. It felt weird skipping it and moving on to July. So many exciting things happened this month, I had a great time in London too which was a true highlight for me. (Read more) I have more clothe items that I have been loving this month so I thought I would share more of that with you then do a separate post for a couple beauty products later on in the week. 

Primark: I am loving what I bought from Primark in June, I got a couple new things for my stay with Laura in London. It looks like I am loving unicorns this month but I purchased both items on different days. I love Primark Pjs they are super soft and there is always a great choice in design. I love the colour of them too, its one of my all time favourite colours. I am also loving my panda slippers, they are £3 in Primark which is a bargain price. The last thing from Primark that I am loving to use is my new tote bag, I love that it has the Slush Puppy logo on it. That describes my childhood and maybe my adult hood now? I love Slush Puppy its tasty and this bag is useful to take my lunch to work in or use for my gym stuff. You can pick it up for £1 at Primark.

Beauty: For skin care I am loving using the Witch Oil control foaming face wash, I got this in my Cosmopolitan goodie bag. I have used the Witch products before but not for a long time now. I am so pleased I got this in my goodie bag, its gentle on my skin and it keeps my skin visibly clearer. I am having trouble with my skin lately so I am loving this for June, I can see myself using it further into the year. I was lucky enough to be sent the new product by Balance me, I am loving using it due to the texture of the cream. It feels incredible after a hot shower or bath, it leaves my skin hydrated and it dries fast too. More on this product over on this blog post if you want to know more. Award for the best body scrub I have used this year goes to this one I got from & Other Stories, its just fantastic in every way. I love how it lathers up, it leaves the skin extremely clean but yet its really gentle for my skin. More on this product over on this blog post

One more beauty product I have been loving this month has to go to the Benefit Cosmetics push up liner. I was lucky enough to attend the launch event last month but I have used it nearly every occasion this month. Easy to apply and it looks great all day long due to it being water proof. I needed this product in my life, I always wear flicks on my eyes. This product was released to everyone at the end of June, I would recommend you purchase one, its life changing to my make up routine.

H&M: I got this jumper with a voucher I had for my birthday from my family. I decided to wait to spend it because I wanted to go into a big H&M. I am so pleased with my purchases, this jumper was £5.99 which was a true bargain. I love that it has unicorns on it and its pink, goes well with leggings or jeans. Its super comfy too which is great. It doesn't seem to be on the website but I found this one with a shark print on it. I also purchased a handbag in the sale which I will show you when I do an updated whats in my bag.

DVD Box Set: My boyfriend purchased the box set of True Detective, at first I was like great its set in the past I'm going to find it hard to keep up with it. I can now admit I truly love this series. The series follows two Louisiana homicide detectives, as they hunt for a serial killer over 17 years. every episode has you hooked, its slow on the first couple episodes but it really gets interesting. This is an 18 box set so keep that in mind. 

Cosmopolitan Super Blogger event: I had a great night at this event, I got to listen to some great advice and meet Fleur. She was amazing on the panel and the whole night was something I will remember for a while. Read more here

Magazine: I love a good magazine, I read Glamour, Company, Cosmo and many more every single month without fail so they will always be in my favourites. I have a newish read that I love and that is Blogosphere Magazine. This is issue 4, its about bloggers for bloggers which is great. You can find some amazing new blogs to read through this magazine, its firmly one of my all time favourite reads. 

Blogger: GhostParties. I love everything about this blog, its helpful, inspiring, pretty, clean, photographs are gorgeous, Instagram is perfection, Kate is amazing and overall super blogger!

Youtube:  I have been loving Vlune, if you don't know what that is where have you been? Vlune is on Essiebutton vlogs run by the amazing girl Estee. Check out her trip to Vidcon and her amazing pooch Reggie. Watch here or Read her blog.

What have you been loving this month, let me know!



  1. I've been loving Estee and Vlune too! x

  2. I love the Slush Puppy bag. You can get a matching tshirt from Truffle Shuffle!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Ahh Slush Puppies. I always wanted the ominous 'blue' flavour. Loving the unicorn PJ's too!



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