July 18, 2014

Kim Kardashian- Pure Honey!

A scent that draws you in, the sweet smell of honey. When it comes to perfumes I am a huge fan of sweet smelling scents. This one hits the nail on the head, it smells incredible, its not over sweet but as the day goes by you notice the honey smell sweeter. What I adore about this bottle is that it looks good on the dressing table, it stands out and the cute bee on the front draws you in. Overall I think its a great perfume that looks good and smells amazing, as soon as I apply it I cannot stop smelling it. As the day goes by it starts to smell sweeter than when you first apply it which I like. There is nothing worse than a perfume smelling for the first ten minutes then having to reapply again and again. I love that this one sits on the skin well. 

I prefer the packaging without her face on it because it represents the honey for me more. I love the colour of the liquid and the colours used on the packaging. The scent comes from raw wild honey and voluptuous floral, she wanted to make a perfume as golden and radiant as possible. This product comes off as radiant due to the colours and the golden packaging draws you in. I love the cute bee on the front of the bottle, for me that was needed to add something to the bottle. The bottle is a good shape and stands out, if you love shiny things like me then this might be for you too. 

This is her fifth perfume and the first one for me to own, I love to try out new perfumes as I usually stick to the ones I know I love but I am so pleased I was able to try this one. Its completely different to anything I would pick but in a great way, I am loving using it and people have complimented it. I have this standing on my make up shelf and it looks stunning, the light picks up on it well too. 

I love that it is a delicate smell, I find harsh perfumes you are limited to wearing it at night but with this one I think its flexible. There are notes of red rose, Freesia, vanilla, musk and honey, combined making a great product that I am so pleased to have been able to try. I think that overall this is a great perfume, even for a gift because it looks gorgeous. What do you think of me using a white background instead of my bedding, let me know below your thoughts. 

Have you tried this perfume? 

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