July 27, 2014

My Week On Instagram!

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Mac Make up / Catch up with Laura / Uclan / Lovely tweets / Baby rabbit / Luna kins / GHD /
Newspaper / Cosmo blog award in my local newspaper / more goodies to try /

In yesterdays blog post I showed you what I purchased in Manchester on Friday. I am obsessed with the Lush products, every time I go near a store I buy so many more. I thought I would treat myself to some goodies from Superdrug and Rob bought me a Mac foundation. It was a lovely day spent together shopping and eating out for lunch. 

I am overwhelmed by the lovely tweets, emails and messages about being shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan blog awards. It means the world to me and I am willing to work super hard on my blog because its genuinely part of my life now. I love to sit down and type up a blog post, I love every part of it from writing it out to trying products. I am always honest on the products, this blog is my baby. I hope you can see how much it means to me and I really hope you enjoy reading my content. If you would like to vote for Kemples in the Best established beauty category please vote here. I am so excited to find an outfit for the event and I hope to meet so many inspirational, talented bloggers there. My university shared the article on the Uclan facebook, I loved university and for their support it means so much to me. If it wasn't for my dissertation I might not have started my blog that Summer? 

On my Instagram I love to share with you my dog Bella, she is my world. I love to share with you our little adventures together and I also share a few more animals. This week I took a photo of my moms baby rabbit, her rabbits had babies and this one is so fluffy!!

I have set a blog post to go live nearly everyday for the past three weeks, I hope you are enjoying it. Let me know if you are and what you would like to see more of, I recently have been working with other bloggers for guest posts. I really enjoy my blog and I have so many more blog posts planned for you to read. I am so excited for the future of my blog, its something that makes me very happy. 

I met up with Laura at our favourite cafe where we live in the North. We chose to have pink lemonade because it was a beautiful day. I was visiting my mom to catch up with her and all her doggies too. I am so pleased Laura is back in the north!!

My Instagram: abikempen



  1. Could kill for some pink lemonade right now!! Lovely post!

    Sam xo sjmcdf

  2. the rabbit is so cute!! x


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