July 24, 2014

New to my hair routine- Lee Stafford.

Lately I have been struggling to find the right products to work on my hair. I have been having treatments to lighten my hair from black to my natural hair colour which is mousy blonde. I managed to get all the black out my hair but that came with damaging it a little, I then went on to even out the colour with a semi permanent hair colour. All this caused my hair to look weak and dry, I needed something that would boost it back to life.

I was asked if I would like to try these Lee Stafford products, I know I am a fan of the products from using them last year. What took my interest was the argan oil in the products, this instantly made me hope for gorgeous new hair that won't look dull. After using all these products this month I can confirm they are gorgeous. They work wonders on my hair and I can tell you my hair was in a state. I went to the hairdressers for a cut and dye to help my hair seem more glossy but with the help of the argan oil I can truly say I have seen a huge difference. 

I love lee Stafford, his products look amazing and smell super expensive. They are a lot more expensive than your usual hair products in Boots but I think the treatment you get from them is a different level. It feels great, the quality shows on your hair, the quality of the products shine through. Overall a great product that works wonders on hair that has been through a lot. 

The products are designed to nourish and enrich your hair leaving you with smooth, silky and healthy hair. After trying them myself I can confirm this, my hair felt smooth, soft and well looked after. Even after one use I was so pleased with the results, I enjoy using these products before going out. After I used my new GHD hairdryer I felt like a new woman, my hair was silky and looked super glossy. Just the results I was looking for, I hate faffing over my hair but these products do a great job to help it look great even after just using the hairdryer.

Argan oil contains ingredients that are associated with repairing hair, resulting in luxurious healthy hair. The Berber women of Morocco have used argan oil as part of their daily beauty regime for hundreds of years and consider it to have many benefits which include preventing moisture loss in the deserts. 

See my GHD post to see the results and let me know what your thoughts are! LINK

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  1. Love the scent of Lee Stafford products!


  2. I've never tried these exact products but I really love the Lee Stafford range. The heat protector and sea salt spray are really good. I need to get my hair looking glossy again so need to have these on my shopping list x

  3. Argan Oil is magical! I love anything by Lee Stafford :)
    www.LydiaRosexo.blogspot.co.uk xo

  4. I've never tried them but have heard a lot of people talk about them! x


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