July 28, 2014

Products My Boyfriend Steals...

But why not these products are great right?

Boys say they are not fussed about beauty products or so I hear from my boyfriend and male friends. Recently I have noticed that he has been reaching for more and more of my products and asking me if he can use my dry shampoo before heading out to work. He is obsessed with dry shampoo and thinks that it is a miracle product, hes not clued up on any beauty products when he is forced to go into Boots with me. Recently as he knows my blog means a lot to me he has been getting more involved in what I can blog about and asking about the products I have been talking about. 

Lush is another product that I know he loves, he still likes to use the ones such as Honey Bee and not the over pink ones. This one is a recent purchase and he loves it, luckily I bought two of them. I know a few boyfriends who love to use the Lush bath bombs and I don't blame them, I am a huge fan myself.

Have you noticed your shampoo going down faster than you expected? You might want to check with your boyfriend to see if he is loving it too. I think its all about how it smells and why not use them? John Frieda recently sent me a couple hair products and I told my boyfriend how amazing they were and smelt great. This shampoo leaves your hair smelling super fresh and super clean. 

I purchased Toni & Guy sea salt spray last year, it was buy one get one free offer too. I wasnt able to use the first one because my boyfriend loved using it to style his hair. yet another miracle product that he loves, I even had to purchase it again just so that he could use it. I don't blame him for wanting to use sea salt on his hair, it leaves his hair soft and he says gives it more texture which is what we use it for right? Dry shampoo and sea salt spray is two products he admits he loves and I don't mind at all until I go to use it and its empty. He promises to purchase it again for me but I think its because he secretly wants it back on my shelf to use again.

The Hawaiian tropic sun tan lotion he loves the smell, its just like holiday which I totally agree with him. He says it one of the nicest sun protection products ever and he is stubborn when it comes to using sun tan lotion. 

Soap and glory I tend to find a lot of my family steal, if I leave this in the bathroom it gets used on a daily basis. I am a huge fan of Soap and Glory and I think its the amazing smell that draws him to wanting to use it. 

Another product I notice he doesn't mind using is the Simple range, I think he just sees it there and thinks yep that will do the job. Its gentle on the skin too which is why I use it and it has a slight smell to it not over girly. 

There is nothing wrong with boys using these products right? 
What products do your boyfriends steal, I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Loved this post, definitely different :P My boyfriend doesn't really steal anything of mine apart from my GLAMGLOW mud mask but that's because I force him to try it ha,ha and I am trying to get him into using henna on his hair :'D he doesn't really make much effort when it comes to taking care of his skin and I am always telling him its important!! I love the LUSH bathbombs but haven't tried this one! I do love the Honey I washed the Kids soap however, it smells incredible :D xx


    1. thank you so much Jenny! it was a fun one to type up! I really want to try glamglow myself it sounds great. I know it took me a while to tell him he needs some skin care bits too xx

  2. Your blog is so cute and I love this post!


  3. ahahahahaha this post is perfect my oyfriend steals my VS bodysprays allll the timeee


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