July 12, 2014

Sally Hansen - My new nail Polish Obsession!

I have an obsession when it comes to buying nail polishes, I have so many shades from the Barry M Gelly nails collection. I have a new set of nail polishes that I would love to start collecting more of. The beautiful Sally Hansen collection has slowly begun, I have three colours and one base polish, starting with Hidden Treasure, Jaded, Cleard For Takeoff and so much fawn. I find that they have a great bottle that looks lovely on my dressing table, I am a sucker for cute packaging. 

What I love about this nail polish is that it is a five product in one bottle, by this it has a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, colour and top coat. It cares for your nails and it looks great after two coats of the product. Chip resistant and it has this shine that makes you want to keep looking at the colour on your nails. It says that you can wear this nail polish for up to ten days, since using mine for a couple months now I can say that you can at least get away with it for just over a week. I use Cleard for take off on top of my colour and it holds it perfectly for a little bit longer. 

My favourite out of my own collection has to be So Much Fawn, it has such a great name. I have had many compliments at work about this colour, it really looks great on the nails for so many occasions. I tend to wear a different colour every week, I swap and change it up a lot but this colour I keep going back to more than any of my other nail colours. I love that it has a large brush to apply the polish, its easy to make it look like you have had your nails done in the salon which is a bonus for me. They are great quality and the next time I see them in Boots I will have to pick some more up, I have to buy mine in Manchester due to my Boots not stocking them but you can also buy them of Amazon. 

Great quality, price at £6.99, lasting colour and they look great on your dressing table. I am a big fan of these and I have no idea why it took me so long to buy some. I am on the hunt for some more so let me know any colours that you recommend. Hidden Treasure is a beautiful pearl colour, it is a great colour for when you only want a subtle nail colour. It seems to sparkle and it is one of my favourite colours ever purchased. You have to do three coats for this one but it still looks great, it applies well and it reminds me of a beautiful pearl. Jaded is lighter than it appears in the bottle but its a fun light pastel green colour for the nails. This one takes a few more coats but once you get the colour it is beautiful. 

Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. I've never tried any Sally Hansen polishes. So Much Fawn is such a pretty colour though! I'm usually an Essie girl, but I'll definitely need to keep an eye out :)

    Congrats on being shortlisted for the Cosmo Blog awards!

    Nikki x

  2. lovely colours! x

  3. nice colors to try :P


  4. I always get attracted to these in Boots, they looks lovely! Nice colour choices!

    Sam xo

  5. love all of them


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