August 04, 2014

Cloud Nine Magical Duet

Recently I have been trying to get my hair into good shape, with years of over dying my hair has taken a bad turn. I have taken my hair care seriously and really taken on the fact I need products that take real care of it. It has taken me months to find products that suit my hair, I have a sensitive scalp too which is irritated easily. I have enjoyed trying out more hair care products and finding ones that make a difference. 

I hardly ever dry my hair or use heat on it, only if I have to. I recently started using my GHD hair dryer along with the quick dry potion. My hair dries super fast but with this product my hair feels so soft and shiny. I am so pleased with both of these products, The remedy product helps to nourish my hair and leave it feeling clean for longer. I am obsessed with washing my hair, I love the feeling of freshly washed hair. With the remedy I have gone an extra day with my hair looking so clean and feeling great. I think both products work well together to create the perfect duet. 

You leave the Remedy in after you have washed your hair, its great to have a leave in conditioner in your routine. It works on your split ends and helps to keep dry hair at bay which is something my hair needs after all the damage I did to it with my hair dye. It helps to de-tangle your hair which is great, since using this my hair is easy to brush and work with. With the heat protection I feel happy using heat on my hair now and my hair has taken a huge transformation. This is just what I have been looking for, I have tried so many products to get my hair into the condition I want it to be. This has helped me to achieve this, I am so excited about styling my hair and working with it, usually I would get so fed up and leave it to dry naturally. My hair has more body to it to after using the quick dry potion which is a bonus, my hair is naturally straight and lacks body. 

Overall two great products that work well together, I am so pleased with the results. Both products would be great to take on holiday, they are small enough and would keep your hair in great condition. Quick and easy products to use that work well.

Have you tried this product?

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