August 06, 2014

How I like to spend my days off.

Look at that cheeky face!

Katie and Mark teaching Bella to swim!

My stick!!

The best way to spend a day off work? walking my beautiful border collie with three of my favourite people in the world along with their pooch pennie. Rob, Katie, mark and myself went on a four hour walk along with our beautiful dogs. It was such a beautiful day, sunshine makes everything so much better. The place we chose to walk around this time is only 20 minutes away from my house, it such a beautiful area. It was the first time I did this walk and I if it was possible I would do it every week. 

There is nothing more important than seeing Bella have a fun time, she got full of mud and she swam (finally) she is frightened of lifting her feet off the ground when she swims and pulls her legs up so awkwardly. It is funny to watch as long as she is having a good time, it makes me smile!! pennie is katies pooch, she is a beautiful spaniel who I adore so much, We visited katie and mark a couple days ago and Pennie was there. She is super cute, loving and so well behaved. She is one of the only dogs that Bella pays attention to and that's saying something. It means Bella loves Pennie more than her tennis ball, that is a big deal. Every time Pennie ran off to see if she can find a rabbit friend Bella cried and chased her to get her back in her vision. Bella usually only pays attention to me but on walks with us all she adores everyone. Katie and mark try to teach Bella to swim properly but we nearly got there in the end, look how far out she is. 

Bella happened to run into deep mud on this walk, poor Mark got his foot and sock full of mud trying to pull her away from it. I felt awful but we can now laugh about it, Bella adores you very much Mark, she sends her apologies!! 

The view on this walk was incredible, we have been so lucky with the weather in the UK. Now that its raining I just want this weather back please. This for me is something I like to do often, it clears my mind and helps me stay focused. Spending time with people I love and making my dog happy means a lot to me. My dog is a huge part of my life and when shes full of mud having a fun time it makes me happy.

We went to a dog friendly pub and had some dinner which was so nice, Both dogs had a rest before walking all the way back to our cars. It was such a lovely day and I love how local this is to my house, even in winter I would love to walk around it. There is so much more I do on my days off like the usual cleaning but walking my dog and blogging make me truly happy. nothing better than getting some fresh air and coming home inspired.
How do you like to spend your days off?

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  1. Lovely photos, Bella is gorgeous <3

    Jess xo

  2. Such beautiful photos! May have to steal a few of Pennie :')


  3. I also love taking my dog for a swim, he loves swimming in fresh water (salt water doesn't agree with his little stomach!!). I love going to a place called Aysgarth Falls in north Yorkshire, it's beautiful and great for dog swimming!

    Jade x
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