August 28, 2014

My Nail Care Routine.

 Primark £2

Recently I have really taken to nail care, I usually want to paint my nails as fast as possible. Since purchasing this cute nail kit from Primark I have really taken to spending more time on my nails. When I take time out to do my nails I find my nails look really shiny and the colour looks fab on. I have been loving using my Essie nail polishes, this is the first time I have purchased any and they are amazing. I find that they last longer than any others in my nail collection and even when they have chipped they still look fab due to the colour only chipping slightly. I find that Essie nail polishes are really shiny and the three i have tried all work the same, I love the formula. I find that the brush on the Essie products glides on to the nail really well which helps me to paint them well. 

I am loving what Primark has to offer at the moment, you can find so many little treasures in there. I love using this cute little kit, it has everything you seem to need for a good nail care routine. I also picked up some cute nail files with a panda print on it, anything with a panda on it let me know because I will want it. When I picked up my giveaway for you guys, I decided to buy the matching pocket mirror too. You can win your own over on my giveaway here!!

I also picked up this lovely mint coloured Primark nail polish. It doesn't last very long but you can't expect too long with the price of this nail colour but it is great. It goes onto your nails well and the colour is perfect, this is a similar colour to my new car which is why I bought it. I love the packaging too, its a simple yet effective look. If you had all the colours out on your dressing table it would look super pretty. I am loving taking care of my nails at the moment, I always use my Soap and Glory hand food after everything has dried and my favourite top coat at the moment is Cleard For take off which is by Sally Hansen.

What do you use to keep your nails in good condition?

A little note to you!
I am currently up for a Cosmopolitan blog award and this has made my year, life. I am so excited to have this opportunity and to even be shortlisted has been a huge compliment to my blog, it truly made me smile. From the day I found out I have been over the moon about it. I just wanted to say a big thank you, thank you for making a dream come true for me. I really appreciate all your support, being in the category 'Best established beauty blog' makes me beam with happiness, my blog is part of my life now and I never want to give it up. I want to be able to share so many memories with you, lots of more reviews and I hope you continue to enjoy reading my posts. Friday will be the day the voting closes so if you would like to support kemples in the first category please vote here. If you vote please let me know so I can thank you <3 this has made my year super special and I cannot explain how much it means to me in a few sentences, all I want to say is Thank you to you reading this! <3



  1. Essie nail varnishes are so gorgeous! x


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