August 16, 2014

Product Of The Week #2: Naturally radiant Night Cream.

I think this blog post needs to be renamed bargain of the week, this little beauty was only £2.98. I can tell you one of the best drugstore night creams I have ever purchased, this beauty has worked miracles on my skin. My skin lately has been really dry and a few spots here and there but the overall glow of my skin looked awful in my opinion. I have been taking better care of drinking more water etc etc etc....

I have been on the hunt for a new night cream, I don't like putting creams on my skin that have a spf in it, you don't need that whilst you sleep. I also wanted one that would brighten the overall look of my skin but not breaking the bank. I must admit when I was looking at all the naturally radiant range I was not expecting miracles but I love to find good drugstore products so I went for it. From the first use of this cream after having a pamper night I was very impressed. The overall look of my skin looked brighter and more cared for, my make up went on like a dream. If you suffer from dry skin go for this product and also if you want an overall glow go for this cream too. I think its a great overall skin care product that's not aimed at one skin type. 

I use this as my last step of my skin care, it sinks into my skin fast which is great at night. It evens out your skin tone as well as smelling great. It is infused with Kiwi fruit and has mulberry extracts in it, which gives it an overall great scent. I love using this product at night, I look forward to it after a long day wearing make up. I think this is an overall great addition to my skin range, I want to be able to try everything from this range now. I think I cheeky trip to Superdrug again is needed. The packing I wasn't that excited about but the product is a miracle worker, its the lift my skin needed. I think save your money and buy this night cream, it would also be a great product to take away with you to festivals or on holiday. I wake up with glowing skin, the first ever radiance cream that actually works for me. 

My skin looks even, fresher and its left with a great base to work with applying my everyday make up. I am so pleased with this product, I mean the price itself is incredible. I am thinking of buying a few more for Christmas stocking fillers already, I want to share this amazing find with my family. 

Have you tried anything from the Naturally radiant range?
Let me know what to try next please!

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  1. This sounds fabulous, I really need to check out this range! I've heard so many great things :)

    Style Sunrise ☀



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