August 30, 2014

Product Of The Week #4 - Exfolia Beauty Cloth

Lately my skin has been a nightmare to control, it started looking like planets were growing. I tried everything to try get it under control, drinking more water and using a few more products. Its started looking back to its usual self now and I will do a little skin care post for you soon to show you what I have been using. One of the products I have been loving is this little beauty cloth. 

I use this after I have all my make up off, before applying my night cream. I have found that this little cloth has been a miracle worker to improve the look of my skin. Its super soft and it feels great once your skin is make up free. This cloth lasts up to 80 washes which is great, I would replace this beauty back into my skin care routine. I am so pleased with how my skin looks after using this for around two weeks now. It seems more even and soft, my skin is clearer and by using this in the morning before applying my make up it creates a lovely base to work off. My foundation looks super smooth and for me this is a huge bonus after months of bad skin. I usually have alright skin, its usually quite dry too which is a pain but by using this little cloth it buffs off all the unwanted dryness. 

I think this is a great little addition to my skin care, its helped improve the look of my skin which is what I really want in preparation for the Cosmopolitan blog awards in October. All skin types can use this which is impressive. I might have to buy a couple for small Christmas gifts this year as I know my mom would love this. 

Whats new to your skin routine, any recommendations? 

I just want to say a quick thank you for all your support during the voting for the Cosmopolitan blog awards. A dream come true, my blog means the world to me and its a huge part of my life now which will continue. Your support means the world to me <3 


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  1. I find Uriage have a great range of products for bad skin! They've really helped me x


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