August 09, 2014

Product of the Week- Denman Tangle Smoother

I have taken to hair care this past couple months, I have been introduced to so many new things that make hair care exciting again. I have always used products I know and trust but with my hair dye drying my hair out I have suffered with tangled hair due to stripping my hair of the black dye. Recently I had my hair cut and layered, dyed with semi permanent hair colour and its transformed with so many new products that I am loving. 

One of those products that have been a life saver to my hair is this little beauty. I am a big fan of the Tangle Teaser so I was excited to see how this compares. The obvious difference is the way it looks. I find this one easy to hold to get the knots out my hair, the Tangle teaser flies out my hand. I love the quirky look of this hair brush, its bright too which is a bonus. You can get this in two colours pink and yellow. 

The pins in the brush are extra soft, you can use this on hair extensions. I find that it gives my scalp a good massage too which is always a bonus. I am a tad head sore so this brush helps to remove any knots after washing my hair without hurting me. I am so pleased with this product, I carry it around with me in my handbag. 

The quality of this brush is better than any I have ever tried. It leaves my hair silky smooth after brushing it and super shiny. I find it gives my hair a good boost due to it brushing my hair well, it doesn't leave any hair untouched. 

The handle itself works wonders, it stays firmly in your hand whilst you brush out all the knots. I find when my hair is knotty I end up with the brush flying out my hand. This one stays put which is what you need when your hair is being stubborn. 

overall a great brush that I want to keep firmly in my hand bag at all times. My hair has never looked more silky and shiny in its life. I am loving using this pink beauty and its my all time favourite brush. it gives your scalp a lovely massage at the same time, its perfect!

Do you own on of these?

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  1. aw I love the logo! I have a similar brush, but it's one of those without a handle. I'd totally give this one a shot, because I love mine!


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