August 24, 2014

Sunday Post: Sunshine, Dogs and fresh air.

 Bella's mommy Jessica

I am thinking of starting a weekly Sunday post where I share with you random photographs from my week. I always carry my camera with me in case a blog post idea pops into my head, let me know what you think of this idea in the comments. Every week we try take Bella out to our favourite place near our home, its got such a beautiful feel to it. I love that we can walk miles and Bella can swim and meet other doggies. Its a lovely place to clear your mind and just relax, we love to walk here with our friends and their pooch too. On this walk we met so many dogs on the way, Bella was squeaking watching them all dive into the water. She wasn't impressed when a Labrador stole her stick, she swam out and took it back. 

excuse my messy hair and dressed down approach but this is how I look on walks, comfy clothes all the way. I love my Moschino sunglasses they go everywhere with me lately, I am going to miss wearing them when we hit Winter. 

On Friday I visited my Mom and she has three cracker dogs, they are so hyper but Bella fits right in. She loves going to play with Max, Nevada and Jessica in the garden, Jess and Nevada are related to Bella which is lovely that she gets to see her mommy and sister. The last photograph I want to print and frame when we get our own home, she makes me so happy. You can tell how happy she is, if she smiled any more her ears would fall off. This is how I love to spend some of my days off, my pooch and family make me happy.

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  1. Love the idea of the Sunday posts!

    P.S Bella is so cute! x

  2. you should have put up your super selfie with the dogs too! :D haha

    1. Oh dam I might pop that photo up now. I love it ahha xx

  3. This post is lovely, the photos are stunning. This looks like a beautiful location, I wished I lived near somewhere like this. Would be a great place to relax and unwind and go for a walk. Those dogs are so cute!x

    1. Aw thank you lovely. Its a great place. only 20 minute drive which is fab xx


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