September 30, 2014

Whats in my AX Paris goody bag?

On Saturday I attended the AX Paris AW press day and received this amazing goodie bag. Thank you to Ax Paris for such a lovely day and an amazing goodie bag filled full of great products. If you want to read what we got up to at the event head over to this blog post. 

I was really excited to see what was in the goodie bag, it looked full of exciting products. Once I started looking through my goodie bag on the train I was so excited to see some of my favourite products and some new ones to try. I am looking forward to trying the Raw cocoa body scrub, I might keep this for my shower before the Cosmopolitan awards. I know I will be using the Vintage Cosmetic eye lashes for the awards too, they are new to me too which is exciting. The body butter lotion is one of my favourites in this goodie bag, it smells heavenly. It left my skin feeling super soft and it was just what I needed after a pamper bath that night.

One thing I was also so pleased about was that there was a Barry M gelly nail polish in there. One I don't own already which is a miracle, I am excited to wear the colour this season. Lee Stafford Keratin blow dry spray is one product that I am excited to use, its something new to me and I know keratin is great for your hair. I am excited to take some of these products with me next week to London. 

Such a generous goodie bag, I just want to thank all the brands that contributed to this and for Ax Paris for organising such an amazing event. I am super excited to use some of my favourites again and I really enjoy finding new products to try. I will do more reviews on some of these products to let you know how I got on with them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing inside the Ax Paris Aw press day goodie bag!


September 28, 2014

AX Paris AW 2014 Press Day.

Yesterday I had a lovely day in Manchester with Laura, we headed into Manchester on the train around two to head to the Ax Paris AW press day. The vent was held at the Black Dog ballroom between 2-6. As you walked in you were greeted by the amazing Ax Paris girls, the first thing you noticed was how great the atmosphere felt. You could see the new AW collection around the room which instantly caught your eye. I loved everything from the golds to the reds, perfect for the Christmas season which excites me. The dresses and jumpsuits all stood out to me, I particularly loved the crop top in the 7th image, its got such beautiful colours in it.

I loved all the food they had on the tables, mini food is the best kind of food right? The mini burgers were super cute, there was pizza and some amazing cupcakes with Ax Paris on them. I can confirm the cupcakes tasted amazing, I had a chocolate one. All the bloggers at the event seemed to be having such a great time, the atmosphere was amazing. Myself and Laura got to meet some lovely ladies at the event, I even got to meet someone I speak to over the bbloggers chat on Twitter which was great. 

I really enjoyed the event, a huge thank you to Ax Paris for inviting me and putting on such a great event. I loved the drinks, even though I was driving later on that night and had to photograph Laura's but I had some ice cold lemonades which was perfectly good. Thank you for such a lovely goodie bag too, packed full of some of my favourite brands and some new ones to try. I will be doing a whats in my goodie bag post tomorrow to show you. Overall a great afternoon filled with food, beautiful clothes, amazing bloggers, photo booth fun, drinks, friends and an overall great atmosphere. 

Thank you Ax Paris!

What are your thoughts on the new pieces?


September 27, 2014

Product of the week #6: BeeFayre candle & Lip balm..

I am sure I am not the only one who is a sucker for cute packaging, I love anything like this candle. How cute is the design on the outside of the candle, I love the colours used on the packaging too. I think this rhubarb and raspberry candle smells amazing, one of the best ones I have ever smelt. I was super excited to light this beautiful candle whilst I read my new book in bed, this is something I love to do to relax. The scent of this candle, its something else its a beautiful scent that makes the room you light it in feel magical.

Its a beautiful sweet scent that makes you feel happy, which is great as I love sweet scents. this is not over sweet though, it sits perfectly in the right amount of sweetness. I love the packaging, the amazing design of all the products are just heavenly, I would love so many of these products in my new home when we move. 

The candle is made from 100% natural plant wax and all the products are not tested on animals. Once this candle is finished I am going to wash it out and keep the glass and use it as a tea light holder or something for my beauty bits. I think this would be a great Christmas present, it looks great and the overall product just shouts perfection. I love everything about this and I am excited to place it in my new house. You can get matching diffuses to go with this candle which would look perfect together as a gift set or as a sneaky gift for yourself. 

Another product from Bee Fayre is this cute little lip balm, if you could smell this balm you would instantly want it. I cannot get over how gorgeous each one of these products smell, I am over the moon with them. This lip balm is perfect to keep in your handbag or a great product to pop into your going out bag. Again I am in love with the packaging and this product is also not tested on animals. Its made from beeswax and melissa oil, I know these products are something I will be adding to my Christmas gift ideas for my family and friends.

Have you tried anything from Bee Fayre?

September 26, 2014

Primark Medium Hair Rollers.

Primark £1.50

I am a huge fan of the beauty products at Primark, who would have thought this a couple years ago. I have been on the hunt for years to find something that would curl my hair and it won't drop out straight away. My hair is a nightmare to style or it might just be me, every time I try to curl it half an hour later it drops out. My hair needs help to have some body, it stays as flat as it possibly can. So when I was in Primark a couple days ago I thought I might as well try these Velcro hair rollers. Such a bargain at just £1.50, how could you not what to try it out at that price. 

First impressions when I opened them, I noticed after purchasing them that the velcro might be a little harsh on my hair to pull them out after. I must be honest, the velcro did make my hair very fuzzy which I was not keen on but to fix this I brushes through my hair with a comb. I think next time I will pick up the sleep in rollers from Primark, you can take the sponge out and use that to curl your hair.  Just as I was about to find on Youtube a tutorial using these rollers, Becca Rose uploaded one using the sleep in sponge rollers but she took off the velcro pieces which is a fab idea. Next time I go into Primark I will pick those up and for reference here is the Youtube video.

After saying all that though these are not that bad to use, I think what you have to do is be careful with them when you pop them into your hair. I think they grip well to my hair without using any bobby pins but if you want them to be very secure then pop some in to hold them in place. Both ways worked well but I think with the pins you could keep them on top of your head which helps to give more curl/body.. I enjoyed that they gave my hair some body, I think more body than curl I must admit but for best results roll them up with damp hair. 

I am excited to try the sleep in rollers they look less harsh on the hair and seem to give more of a curl. These gave my hair some texture and body which I will still use for that but for a curl it looks like the sponge sleep in rollers are the way forward. Go for these if you want some body and texture, I hope my photograph at the bottom shows you how it turned out. I think if you want more of a curl and to sleep in them go for the ones with sponge in them and follow in becca rose tips and take the velcro out, I know I will be doing this next time!

Overall a great Primark product that at £1.50 you can't go wrong with trying out. I will update you on the sleep in rollers when I get chance to pick some up but I think the sponge ones are the way to go. 

Have you tried these rollers?


September 25, 2014

Meet the blogger #3: The Makeup Directory.

I know I love to find new blogs to read, I am forever scrolling down the categories on Bloglovin searching for some amazing reads. I thought I would start a new blog post that I would like to do weekly, meeting the bloggers behind the blog. I love to find out more about the people behind the blogs, I hope you will too. Meet Sally O'kelly behind the blog The Make Up Directory!

1. Tell us about your blog?
The Makeup Directory is just a diary-styled blog for the opinions of a 
21 year old London film student. My opinions focus mostly on beauty and 
fashion but recently I've been venturing more into the world of cooking 
and lifestyle. I have a tendency to ramble a little but I try to break 
things up with pretty photographs and a nice clean layout!
2. What made you start your blog?
I was in the first year of university and wanted to make more use of my 
DSLR which was just lying around. I always enjoyed writing, especially 
journalism and had an unhealthy obsession with makeup so it seemed like 
the perfect thing to do in all my spare time. I actually stopped after a 
short while but I returned at the beginning of August this year and I'm 
more hooked than ever before.

3. where does your inspiration come from?
Most of the time I'll just be lying in bed when a new post idea springs 
into my mind. I find having a blogging notebook really helps me for 
moments like that as I never forget any of these sudden ideas. Looking 
at other people's blogs has helped me refine my tastes a lot and has 
probably influenced how I write and present my posts on my own blog.

4. What item of clothing or product could you not live with out and
Definitely dry shampoo. I use it everyday, not just on the inbetween 
washes days. I feel it gives my hair so much texture and volume and the 
coloured ones work great on darker hair to avoid white and grey patches, 
as that's definitely not a good look.

5. What is your favourite part about blogging?
I really like the community which is something I never really expected 
to be involved with. When I started I knew there was a lot of bloggers 
but never really went on Twitter much or expected there to be so much 
communication between everyone. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and 
it makes me so happy to think people actually take time out of their day 
to read my blog.

6. What type of blog post do you love reading?
I go through phases. I used to love just reading makeup reviews, and 
then monthly favourites. At the moment I'm really enjoying reading 
column-styled blog posts about bigger life issues and they are inspiring 
me to open up a bit more on my blog and be a little more personal, 
although I struggle with that.

7. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Just go for it. It took me months of debating whether to come back to 
blogging after my hiatus and I'm so glad I did, my only regret is just 
not doing it earlier. Chances are you will love it, and if you don't 
then at least you can say you've tried.

8. How do you stay organised when blogging?
I'm not the most organised person in the world but I desperately try to 
be. I bought my notebook which I find helps me keep organised as all my 
ideas are in one place, it also allows me to take a step back from the 
computer/ipad/phone screen and go back to basics. I don't do scheduled 
posts but I've started taking photographs in batch so I can write when 
I'm on the go a bit more, as I travel between 3 different houses 
9. Where would you see your blog in 5 years time?
The one area I'm really fussy with, and never really happy with is my 
photography. I feel I can improve this over time as I'm constantly 
getting better. So I'd be happy if in 5 years time I look at my blog and 
the photos are magazine standard.
10. How has blogging changed your life?
It's allowed me to rediscover writing. I spent my childhood wanting to 
be a newspaper editor or write a column, and this all faded when I hated 
English at school. It's allowed me to not see it as something I have to 
study but something I can enjoy once more. I haven't written for 
pleasure in years so I find it really therapeutic that I can do it 

Make sure to check out her blog and let me know what you think of my new Thursday post!
If you would like to get involved email me at

September 23, 2014

My New favourite duo..

I have found two new products that I would replace if they finished. I tend to have only a couple drugstore foundations I stick to and most of the time I love to try out all the new releases. I am a huge Rimmel London fan, I have worn the make up for years now. It was the first brand I totally trusted and they gave me the confidence boost I needed to try more and experiment with make up. So Rimmel have been a huge part of my beauty collection for years and they still are. Yet again I am not let down by their new foundation, I am loving using it. I have had it for just over a week now but I wanted to do a post on it as kind of a first impressions and if anything changes, which I doubt it I will let you know in my monthly favourites. It says medium coverage which kind of nearly made me put it back on the shelf but I really wanted to try it out myself. I am so glad I put this in my basket, I love the coverage and how it feels on my skin. Its moisturising and it feels nice and light. The wear of this foundation says 25 hours, I never wear make up for that long but the amount of time I wear it it stays put. There is no need for any top up during the day, at work it lasts well too.

I love foundations that look smooth on the skin, this does this for me it has a poreless effect. I have worn this foundation everyday since purchasing it, every time I apply my make up it feels great. Its a lovely one to work with, easy to blend and it looks very natural which I love. I hope the image does it justice because it is a lovely foundation, feeling a little under the weather today so taking a photograph of myself was difficult to show off this amazing foundation. 

I really enjoy using Max Factor Face Finity primer underneath this foundation. I don't think it needs one but I enjoy using one. It helps to smooth out the look of my skin, it helps the foundation to stay on longer and it feels great. I really enjoy this primer and its on offer at the moment for buy one get the second half price and Boots. Its also on offer at Superdrug, I have the foundation to match this primer too. I think its a great addition to my primer collection, I love the packaging as it looks smart. I love how it has a pump so you can control how much you use, its easy to carry around in your make up bag too. Both have an SPF of 20 which is great for Spring/ summer. I know that the foundation looks great without a primer too, I tried it with and without. It still gives you this smooth,light, poreless look. 

I have enjoyed using this as a duo, have you tried any of these yet?


September 22, 2014

Yes to tomatoes: Combination Skin, Clearing face mask.

yes to Facial mask £7.99

This is a product range new to me, I know it has been recently introduced to Boots too. A couple months ago I wanted to pick up some of this range to try but never got round to doing it due to having so many face masks in my draws. I have recently used up most of my face masks and I noticed lately my skin has been playing up, very spotty. I chose to pick this product up a couple weeks ago due to my skin needing a real boost. 

Firstly what caught my eye about this brand, the packaging is nice and bright. Is it just me or is the name a positive one? I love to try out new skin care products, I have only ever found a handful of face masks that I really enjoy using and I must admit this one is creeping its way into my top five..

This is a deep pore treatment, it refines and purifies your skin leaving it feeling moisturised. I find when you apply this to your skin its almost as though you are adding a really thick cream to your face, yet for a mask it goes on thin. I hope that was explained the right way for you, when it dries you can relax for 10 minutes whilst it does its job. Straight away you feel like it has done wonders to your skin, its soft and it feels cared for. I was hoping this product would have a tomato scent, it has a beautiful fragrance but its a soft one. There is so many products available in the Yes to range, for other types of skin. I love that it has a choice so it caters for more than one skin type. I have recommended my mom to go have a look as she wanted something for uneven skin and I noticed yes to had a product for this. 

The tomato ingredient is a natural antioxidant and the aloe vera soothes the skin as it works. I really enjoyed using this face mask, it has helped clear my skin up which is the main reason I purchased this. I am no expert on skin care but I usually buy products for dry skin yet this has worked well. I found that because my skin has been playing up lately this has helped to clear it up and some of the redness has calmed down. I'm wanting my skin clear to apply make up well for the Cosmopolitan awards which is in two weeks time. I am super excited and cannot wait to get all dressed up and enjoy the night. 

I highly recommend trying this product, I am on a mission to try out more of this brand. If you have tried any of the yes to products please let me know what you love?


September 21, 2014

Sunday Topshop Wish list!

I have been loving Topshop for a while now but this year I have wanted so much more. I am on the look out for an outfit to wear for the Cosmo blog awards and I find myself browsing everything else on offer. I thought I would put an outfit wish list for you, I am on a tight budget so actually purchasing all of this needs to wait till after I get my first house sorted, we are in the middle of applying to rent. 

I am wanting to try crop tops with midi length skirts, I think it would suit my body shape well. When I go into Topshop next week I may have to try some of this on. I love the pretty grey spotty skirt, I would love to wear this with this cute black crop top. I have been after a floppy hat for ages, maybe soon I will take the plunge and purchase one. If I was to take this look to an event, I would add these cute black  heel sandals. I think they are perfect to add some height without going over the top. These shoes would take a cute day outfit and transform it to a night look. I would add some red lipstick and this faux fur roll clutch to the outfit to carry around my camera, phone and other essentials. To add some jewelry to this outfit, I would go subtle with some cute dainty pieces. 

I am super tempted to purchase this cute outfit, you could wear the top and skirt during the day or night with the right pieces. I think I will try this on if I see it in Topshop next week, I will keep you updated about this over on my Twitter.

Would you wear this?


September 20, 2014

Instagram catch Up.

Snoozer / Boots haul / Denver / New blog project / Crazy dog / My perfume collection/
Fave drink Costa / Quotes / Care package / Exciting Invite for the Cosmo awards!! / 
Mile stone 2000 / Kemples in print / 
More quotes / Get Fit / Boots / 
Me / Nail collection / A big thank you!!

I am addicted to using Instagram, I think its a great idea and I use it nearly everyday. I love to get to know people through the use of images, almost a photo diary of our lives. I love to post photographs of food, my beautiful dog, make up, drinks, quotes and the odd selfie, we are all guilty of this right?

I wanted to catch up with you and share with you what I have been up to over on Instagram. I do love posting photographs of my beautiful pooch in my life, Isabella. She is a huge part of my life that I love to share with you who follow me on there. She is such a cheeky monkey, i love capturing our life together. I print out some of my Instagram photos and its a great way to keep up with making sure your memories are safe. Recently myself and Rob have discussed getting a little friend for Bell, by little we do mean a mini Dachshund....

There has been so many exciting things happening with my blog, firstly I am so happy I reached such an amazing mile stone for me on my blog. thank you for two thousand bloglovin followers, it honestly means the world to me. You are amazing, you let me do what I love, you give me so much lovely feedback. It makes my day when you enjoy my blog, I hope to run this blog for a very long time. Another exciting thing happened, my blog was printed in the City Life extra which is a magazine supplement to the Manchester evening newspaper. It was so exciting to see my little blog on a full page spread. When I get an office soon this is going in a frame, it makes me feel a little proud of myself. It reminds me how much I love my blog and how grateful I am to have you guys who read my blog. 

I am super, super, super, SUPER excited for the Cosmopolitan Blog awards, I am counting down the days. Myself and Rob have 3 days booked to stay in London, we have so many plans. Museums, shopping and amazing food and its his birthday a week before. I am so excited, I need to find an outfit, I am so excited to meet all the amazing, talented bloggers on the night. A big thank you for all your support during the voting and over the past two years, means the world to me!

I love to Instagram a lot of make up too, when I type up some blog posts I like to share some with you. I recently purchased some new foundations, which you can read if you want below this post. I also made a little care package for the Manchester dog home that was set on fire, I cried myself to sleep about this and the next day I headed straight to Pets at home to donate collars and food. <3

What have you been up to?

September 19, 2014

Boots Mini haul- Buy one get one...

Today I popped into Boots to buy a new foundation, the key words a foundation.. I ended up with three. The reason I had for doing this was, two for £10 on the Rimmel foundations. The first one I picked up was the Skin Luminizer to try out. I find foundations exciting to try out, I always  end up buying foundations in bulk just in case I run out when I cannot buy more until payday but also I enjoy trying out new ones. I also needed a new primer and concealer, Bourjois was buy one get one half price. i ended up with the Healthy Mix radiance and anti fatigue concealer which I am looking forward to trying. i am worried about how long this will last compared to my Collection one but we will see. Bourjois is another brand I really enjoying using, I will let you know how I get on soon.

I have been wanting to try out the new Rimmel lasting perfection Nude, I am hoping this is as good as I have read. Usually Rimmel never let me down, as you may know its my go to brand and has been for years. I love buying Rimmel products, i got a second one for an extra £3 due to the offer. Stay Matte I got in the shade Ivory, this one is a liquid mousse foundation. silky smooth, natural finish is what drew me to this, I will do a full review on all products soon. 

I am so excited to try out all of these new products to my make up bag. I will let you know how I get on, it was exciting going into Boots to buy a couple more products than usual. We are on a budget at the moment and I ran out of all my foundations. Will you let me know how you got on with any of these products?

Can you go into Boots and buy one thing?


September 18, 2014

Meet the blogger #2: Amy Elizabeth Fashion.

I know I love to find new blogs to read, I am forever scrolling down the categories on Bloglovin searching for some amazing reads. I thought I would start a new blog post that I would like to do weekly, meeting the bloggers behind the blog. I love to find out more about the people behind the blogs, I hope you will too. Meet Amy Lyons behind the blog Amy Elizabeth Fashion!

1.Tell us about your blog?
 Amy Elizabeth started out as a primarily fashion and beauty blog, but over the months has swayed more towards beauty and lifestyle with a hint of fashion. It is my little corner of the internet where I love engaging with other bloggers and sharing opinions on products that I love!

2. What made you start your blog?
I have always had a strong passion towards the fashion and beauty industry. Going from studying my Art Foundation in London to studying Fashion and Textile Retailing in Manchester allowed me to combine my creative flair with my love for fashion- and blogging seemed to be the ideal medium to share this with the world!

3. where does your inspiration come from?
I am hugely addicted to Pinterest, so whenever I am feeling a creative block I will scroll through pins for hours on end. I am also hugely influenced by other bloggers- in particular Zoella. I find it so inspiring that she is so unbelievably successful yet still so down to earth and relatable.

4.What item of clothing or product could you not live with out and why?
 Clothing wise I couldn't live without my Topshop Jamie jeans. I have the same pair in three different colours! Being small, I find it so hard to find jeans that fit, but these are perfect and so comfortable too! Beauty wise, it would have to be my Benefit 'browzings' eyebrow kit! I would happily leave the house with no make up on as long as I had my eyebrows!

5.  What is your favourite part about blogging?
My favourite part about blogging is the amazing support and interaction that exists between other bloggers. There is such a stigma attached to the beauty and fashion industry, and has been a huge increase in cyber bullying over the past few years that I was apprehensive as to how my blog would be received, but there really is such an incredible community between bloggers and I love how supportive every one is of one another.

6. What type of blog post do you love reading?
As much as I love reading product reviews and haul posts, my favourite posts are 'tag' posts or lifestyle posts! I love getting a little glimpse into the life of the blogger!

7. What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog?
Be true to yourself. There's no point starting a blog and forcing yourself to write about something that you're not truly passionate about. To love blogging, you have to love what you're blogging about.

8.How do you stay organised when blogging?
 Lists! Lots and lots of lists! I also create a lot of draft blog posts to keep me on track and remind me what I am planning to blog about! Sometimes I won't write anything in the draft post, ut just having the title there helps me to stay on schedule. 

9. Where would you see your blog in 5 years time?
I would love so much to have graduated from my degree and be at the stage where I can make my blog my full time career. My blog is my biggest passion, and I am already overwhelmed by how fast it has grown in the short time it has been running. For that growth to continue would be absolutely amazing!

10.How has blogging changed your life?
 Blogging has increased my confidence greatly. I receive so many lovely comments on my blog posts every day and am regularly emailed by new bloggers or followers of my blog asking for advice on how to do the same themselves. The support I have received from others has been incredible and my blog has enabled me to meet so many new people.

Don't forget to head over to Amy's blog and give it some love. I am a big fan of this lady, she is one of the nicest people I have met. We met at a South Beach event in Manchester in May. <3


September 17, 2014

Vita Bella- Spa Treatment In A Box.

One thing I love to do is set out a day in the week to have a pamper night. I think its important to relax and it helps me feel refreshed. Following my blog post on my How to have the perfect pamper Sunday, I thought I would share a few products I have used lately. I tend to keep some products just for the pamper nights, ones that I want to use very carefully. 

Starting with the most important piece of the pamper night, the face mask. I cannot go a single week without using a face mask. It helps me to keep on top of my skin care and its enjoyable. I have so many bargain face masks I use but I have been really lucky to be able to try this beauty out. Its fun to use and I love that it is Aloe Vera. It feels soothing on my skin and it leaves me feeling refreshed. Truly one of the best face masks I have used in a long time, which is amazing as I buy so many. 

How you use this face mask, well you start off with adding the hydrating liquid to the face mask and wait for it to expand, this only takes a couple minutes. Open the face mask carefully and place it onto your face, leaving it on whilst you relax in the bath. I leave mine of for 10 minutes and my skin feels super hydrated after. the third stage of this face mask is the face cream, you use the face cream morning and night to keep in the hydration. 

I found this face cream fun to use, its different and you feel like you are having a mini spa treatment in the comfort of your own home. Its a great idea for gifts, I would love to buy one for my mom for Christmas I know she would adore this product. Anything like this makes me happy, I really enjoyed using it. The packaging is great too, I love how its set out and when you open it, you are drawn to every aspect of it. This is why I want to buy some for Christmas. 

Have you tried this product?
Can you recommend any face masks you enjoy using?

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