September 16, 2014

Color Wow- Dyed hair care.

I am truly smitten when it comes to this hair care brand. I really enjoy trying out new hair care products, my hair needs a boost every now and then. I have really straight hair that hates any type of curl, it drops straight out even when I try. So its great to find products that leave my hair feeling great, even after I dye my hair. These products are great for dyed hair, it leaves my hair feeling cared for which is something I have needed the last couple months. In previous blog posts I have talked about how I used to hair dark hair but recently I tried so many treatments to lighten my hair without using bleach. My hair was left feeling dry and really dull which I hated and wanted to grab a dye box asap. 

I really enjoy using the shampoo and conditioner in this product range, I think Color Wow is great. Its a fun addition to my normal hair care routine. I usually grab the same shampoo and conditioner but sometimes its great to change it up due to your hair getting used to a product. Your life, age etc can change how your hair products work so changing it up can help you sort out any issues you want to change. 

I enjoy using products that help my dyed hair, if that's you these are great. When blow drying my hair i love to use the Raise the root spray, my hair likes to challenge me. It feels like it has so much more body and lift which is just what I needed to find. I enjoy blow drying my hair now due to this product, they leave the hair feeling soft and shiny. I will be doing a hair care post when I get my hair cut and dyed to take you through my hair care routine. I am tempted to go darker for Autumn but using a semi permanent hair dye, it does the same job without leaving my hair damaged with dark shades. 

If you want glossy, bouncy hair like I do then give these products a try. I think they are fab and do exactly what they say. I am loving hair care at the moment and I am looking forward to getting my hair dyed darker, once I have visited the hair dressers I will have so many hair posts planned for you. 

Have you tried Color Wow?


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